1. Underlying health conditions and was vaccinated, but apparently this man in his eighties died of the omicron variant. YEAH RIGHT. Hey Palaszczuk will you be booking your young grandaughter in for a shot, no , oh what a surprise.

  2. Yet another vaccine death blamed on covid.This is how they get away with their murder while the media is all too happy to go along with it.

  3. It seems to me that Satan has infiltrated most of the Australian politicians. They are not acting sane anymore and are full in with the Mamon God, they fully support Communism and the so called New World Order, all of which are Satanic cults.70% of Australian politicians and 80% of Australian law enforcement agencies seem to be caught up under the spel of Satan.

  4. @L.Maritz satanism in Australia is huge. You’ll be shocked at how many cops and politicians go in that direction.


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