1. Do these NWO elites that you mention own the banks in SA or have they bought up all the mortgage debt and hold the real title deeds of all bonded land? If so they could call it all in and demand settlement. Those that can’t pay up loose it all.

  2. The vaccines are safe, great ,at last i can have the confidence to go down to the vaccine center and get jabbed, thankyou Mr Ramaphosa for reassuring me, of course when you said that no white farmer had been killed in SA under the ANCs watch ,that too was very reassuring.

  3. President Ramaphosa tells Sth Afns that the vaccine is safe and effective, so can we believe this or is he lying? Lets look at his track record ” no white farmer has been murdered in SA ” was that a true statement, or over a million new jobs are going to be created in the tourism industry

  4. Ramaposa is only reading what his jewish boss (Rupert) did write down. Good worker, do what his boss asked him to do. Useful idiot.


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