1. Skott Most people know that the main stream media is in the hands of the (Cabal) New World Order, they are owend and controlled by them. These are the representatives of Lucifer (Satan), they are a bunch of lying deceiving, and manipulating entities. In my opinion if you join their clan, the first thing the do is send you for classes to teach you how to lie, decieve, and manipulate. Yet our people are still so daught as to support these entities. What is wrong with US?

  2. I always want to see the original content and source documents and not someone else’s “quick take” on it.

  3. The control of the press by those financiers who REALLY CONTROL POLITICS is not a new phenomenon. J A Hobson in his meticulous history of the Boer War “The The South African War: Its Causes and Effects” outlines how Rhodes purchased every significant newspaper in SA and had them publish anti-Boer propoganda. In Dormier’s Book ” Vengance as a Policy in Afrikanerland”, Dormier recalls how he was fired by Rhodes from his position as editor of the Star newspaper because he refused to publish anti-Boer falsehoods as ordered by Rhodes.

    In his novel Coningsby, Benjamin Disraeli (British Prime Minister) states “The world is governed by very different personages as may be immagined by those who are not behind the scenes”.

    Indeed, rule by the moneyed elite has been going on for hundreds of years. Of course we all know who has the controlling interest in eNCA. The man from Stellenbosch, who together with the man from Johannesburg engineered the New South Africa via organizations like the South Africa Foundation and USALEP.

  4. Scott says there are certain things he can’t say or he might get censored by “big brother.” I thought the reason for getting off YouTube and moving to this “independent” platform was to get away from YouTube censorship. Can you still get censored on these platforms?

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