1. She’s not the only one who advocates the evil jab so glibly. Yes, she sounds so convincing and so the ignorant people will be taken in. As I’ve said before I’ve been very surprised àt people who I considered to have savvy and thinking minds, who have taken the jab. As you say Scott, you don’t have to have a medical mind to see that this is coming from an evil agenda. So sad to see what is going on and the division that this subject is causing between family and friends!😰😰

  2. She will change her views as soon as her family starts dying….

  3. They are trying to bribe humans to commit suicide. WTF i understand that the bright shiny bits is radio active material to enable them to observe where the poison is distributed through the cells of the victims of geocide. The Graphene oxide is cytotoxic.

  4. It’s so “safe” that these companies have given “full indemnity” against any adverse effects.

  5. I have lost a br.due to this virus, wasen’t his time, he was 0nly 61yrs.Friday we lost a male friend 48yrs.3wks.in hospt.My gdaughter 10days ago went down positive, she was suffering so badly , she and all of us has been taking our vit..and precautions. So what must we just stand around and see people and family dying like flies .Hospitals in CTown are full.I have been a born again, christian for 45yrs loving the Lord, went through many waters.No jab/vac.will seperate me from God..In my younger days, i have received many vac..when i was nursing..xgo well all..

  6. The only emergency behind pushing the death shot to as many as possible is that they don’t want too many unjabbed people around when the jabbed start dropping.

  7. This Dr must get her licence immediately cancelled as she has no idea what she is talking about. The companies selling this shit to the governments even admits that they have no idea what the long term adverse reactions are. She must be a Fuckin Genius. Please google her up as i did. Found her on Facebook, and guess with whom she is associated with. Take a guess, the one and only ( Neil de Beer ) yes, the idiot chosen by the New World Order to take SA into oblivion. I am so glad that a boer is not such an idiot to ever alow this shit to happen. Dr Daeth, the Antichrist and the undertaker can Pog my horn.. The only way i will take the vacc, is the day they can implement it in a 308 calibre bulet.

  8. What a lot of bull 🐂. They are trying their outmost to cary in with fear mongering. The more they lie the more They believe it. They think 🤔 that most of us are going to Fall for that. SHAME ON THEM.

  9. If these jabs were safe, they wouldn’t come to the disgusting and unlawful things such as BRIBING the people. That’s totally EVIL 🙈.

  10. @ Christina:
    Seeing that you are a christian, you should know that you can only seek and obey the TRUTH..!! There is no virus and therefore no test…!!
    Stop believing the LIES…!!

  11. Four big knobs in SA who pull CR’s strings. enca is owned by one of them. The worst part is, I used to work for him.

  12. @ Christina:
    but who says the vaccine is going to prevent you from dying,,

  13. Hundreds of doctors and nurses in America have chosen to resign from their jobs because they refuse to go along with this agenda. And those who have spoken out about the adverse complications of these vaccines are been silenced by the health authorities. What the public should be asking is WHY doctors/nurses are been silenced? Also the fact that you cannot sue Pfizer or these other companies if you or your family get injured/harmed or worse die is very telling. Why are they washing their hands of any responsibility if they are so confident in these vaccines? Lastly, why not push for other alternatives: prayer, healthy diet and natural remedies… well because big pharma can’t profit from healthy individuals, they want people to be sick, they want people to end up in hospitals and more evil..they want people to die… Depopulation from man made virus.. and population control through the vaccines.. this is basic NWO/Illuminati knowledge for those who don’t know.


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