1. @Loving Life: Every time you talk about the 90% Vaxxed perhaps you should have a quick interruption/advert of Sheep going Bhaaaaaa.

    MSM pushing the greatest scam/HOAX in human history and driving the narritive!

    Stop watching the TV and buying Newspapers and Magazines this is how they indoctrinate and subvert you!

  2. ANTIFA:- Demonstration arranged and organised by the Government of Australia and other far left comrades in arms! It should be obvious by now, people.

  3. Comrade Dan Andrews talks of double speak but, that’s exactly what him and his comrades in arms all over the world are doing, the hypocrite!

  4. @ Sunclief:

    Correct, I can spot a hol-naaier from all the way over here.

  5. Sunclief wrote:

    Dan Andrew is ‘n Hand naier en n’ moffie!

    How can anyone take him seriously? Mr. Andrews should have taken speach lessons, particularly in the area of being able to pronounce a word like “people”.
    Dan, look at me when I talk to you… People is pronounced “PEEPLE”. Not how ever the fuck you say it, dip shit.

  6. It is amazing how these politicians believe their own lies. I think that they must all be under some type of psycotic drug. One of these days, soon I hope, hell is

    going to overflow with these genocidal egomaniacs


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