1. Well done Fiona! You did the right thing. He did not deserve a genuine person with such a good heart! His loss. Scumbag, to want a “break” – of WHAT? You have not even met in person and he wants a break! You are so better off without him. The entire arrangement did not make sense to me in any case. Just glad you are not in tatters! Better now than later.

  2. I am so sorry my dearest,sweetest friend,But Marlena is right you deserve so much better xoxo…you have a family here thats truly loves you and wants more of you not LESS….XOXO

  3. Fiona, hang on to that beautiful $1-million wedding dress. Your Prince on a white horse will come along at the right time. It is sad but God knows what is best for his children.
    As Nat said, you are surrounded by loving friends here on the LLTV platform.
    Don’t be sad, and don’t let it ruin the spirit of Christmas that is on hand.
    May the Lord bless you
    and keep you;
    May He make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
    May He turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.

  4. Fiona just take one day at a time. God is guiding you and leading you down the right path. Getting married this time probably was not the right decision and

    The Lord in his wisdom saved you. Be strong we all love and care for you. Take care and be strong.

  5. Dear Fi you still have your Loving Life Family here to support you . You are most definitely better off without someone who is making such ridiculous false accusations. Better to have found out now rather than once you were married. God Bless and stay strong. A new door will open .

  6. Fiona you are Beautiful . Glade it happened now then later . Stupid men. And no not all men

  7. but if you have never met him in person as Marlena says how did the relationship start then,, over the internet ????? i’m surprised no one here has mentioned saying he’s married,, believe me he’s married, just work it out all-these are all sign he’s married, -, why was she not allowed to phone him and he would only phone twice a week,,why haven’t thy met yet, i was on a chat website and i saw all what happened, the men who start a internet relationship are all married, how do you fall in love with a person by only just chatting to someone,,,some you can ???????
    the first sign a man is married when they are having a internet fling is the men vanish from the chat site on a Friday afternoon and only reappear on a Monday morning at 8 o clock,, and there excuse is they had to go visit their sick mother or grandmother in hospital or say they had to go pick up their kids for the weekend,,
    si Fiona just stay strong,,

  8. I want to thank ALL of you for your kind words, messages of support and generosity of heart towards me. Like an idiot, I forgot to add that Greg also added ”You are making this entirely way too complicated needlessly. Therefore, it is time for a break from one another. I will not be on LLTV for the foreseeable future. ” So, as well as ”taking a break from me”, he’s also cutting himself off from the Loving Life family.

    Incidentally, I met Greg on the Loving Life sidechat about a year ago, possibly longer, and that’s where we struck up a friendship, culminating in a proposal of marriage from him. It was going to be a strange kind of marriage, as we were to spend ten days together over Christmas and New Year, and then he’d fly back to the USA to save up money to come over again in about April.

    It suited us well, because of my ME I have so many special needs and Greg would not have coped with those. I already have two carers who spend 4 hours per day, looking after my every need, as I’m bedridden, and wouldn’t have been able to sustain a marriage with someeone 24/7, I’m just too ill.

    He’ll find himself to be a sad, lonely old man with nobody and nothing in his life. I checked his Facebook page and he only has about four friends… that should have raised red flags for me!

    I send warm hugs and kisses to all of you for being so supportive and non-judgemental. I have the very best family in the world – the Loving Life family 😘🤗😍

  9. Hi my dear friend,

    At first I thought it was a joke, and then I realized you were serious. I`m so sorry. Perhaps it wasn`t meant to be.

    We love you and it`s too bad he can`t see what a fabulous person you are.

    Lots of love.😍😘

  10. But @ Shalom7: the thing is, Fiona is sexy and hot 😈

    Personally, I have never been able to start a relationship offline. I have had two relationships and both started online. I’ve been single for nearly twelve years already.

    My advice is focus on Yahshua as we prepare ourselves as His bride.

  11. This is a quick update – I’ve just received an email from Greg! He wrote: ”Fiona, would you like to talk sometimes? Love, Greg” so I’m ignoring it. Scott has said that he’ll block Greg if he comes back onto the sidechat, which I think is hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣


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