1. Once again a wonderful historical story narrated by the great story teller Fiona. Thank you Fiona

  2. Thanks again Fi for another two entertaining chapters. Life Insurance Salesmen were always regarded as “SKELMS ” around the world. Still are . As for the Axle Grease for the kaffir school Principals hair. Had this school Principle never heard of BRYLCREAM ? Now Brylcream was very much sought after by suave and sophisticated Afrikaner men in the 1960’s and 70’s. These cool gentlemen always wore SAFARI SUITS , normally blue in colour, with blue or black nylon stretch socks pulled up to just below their knees. Their pride and joy was a black plastic comb tucked into the sock ready for use on their Brylcreamed greasy hair. Most girls loved running their fingers through that greasy Brylcream coated hair. And yes a mamba can strike twice.

  3. @ TonyNZ:

    Oh Tony, you crack me up! Yes, I even remember the adverts for Brylcream – it was disgusting stuff and I dunno how any sighted girl could have found it attractive. I’d prefer axel grease anytime! 🤣🤣🤣

    Also, I do remember the nylon safari suits & the combs in their socks. Do you remember the Ducktails (or Duckies) who paraded around with their hair slicked back into a quiff in front & a duck’s tail at the back, Elvis style? I must send you a couple of pics of my ski instructors in 1968 & you’ll see what I mean…😂

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