1. Thank goodness there are still a few family doctors who are ethical and are true heroes. Like Dr. Rapiti who Scott mentions

  2. Hear in South Africa there are many hospitals where you go in alive and come out dead. Maybe they should be called extermination institutions.

  3. Hi Scott

    Glad you got round to a Haircut, very Elvis looking on this presentation today !

    This weekend is Pastchar Anastasta our Orthodox Easter weekend so have another one for me, cheers

  4. This is disgusting! Thank God for this daughter, the only reason this man is still alive. How many have they killed like this around the world? (And then say they died of “covid”)
    When my Grandfather was in a South African “hospital” with pneumonia in the middle of winter, the “nurses” would open up the windows in his room when the family was not around. He survived this time because of the family seeing what was going on and remedying the situation, but the next time he was in hospital, he died there! These days the hospitals (anywhere in the world) are complicit in the deaths of often elderly people that otherwise wouldn’t have died.
    What the daughter says at the end of this interview is correct. God will need to intervene and one day we will need to rebuild the health system from the ashes of what’s left with the good people that are left.

  5. @ Jaguar:
    but that started already long before 2020, most SA government hospitals have been a death trap since 1994 or shortly after that,Covid has nothing to do with it,,already in 2003 when I went to Bongani hospital in Welkom to visit someone there it was bad, dirty, no food, even black people said u go into the hospital and don’t come out alive, if I think back to the old provincial hospital in Welkom before thy built the new hospital,, and unfortunately I held the old NP party guilty to that, thy built the Bongani Hospital to get black people to go there as its closer to Thabong the black township,,,and soon after 1994 the ANC closed down the old provincial hospital and made all to go to the new hospital,

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