1. You can show all these documents to the sheeples and they will still go and get jabbed….they have been totally brainwashed and are incapable of logical


  2. The joke govt here in NZ are using tv to make it known that if we received our second jab 4 months ago ,its time to get the booster. And apparently this booster will protect our families and the community, and apparently its safe , yet a few days ago a 12 year old boy had a heart attack after his first jab and hes now in Palmerston Nth hospital.

  3. Chile going for their 5th jab. Israel 5 jabs. Holland 6 th jab. The masses of sheep swallow the lies and continue to line up for more and more jabs. They believe everything they are told without questioning . The majority of cases are now in jabbed specimens , not the filthy unjabbed. Yet the MSM do not reveal this. Watched the story of a US schoolteacher who put her 13 yr old son in the boot of her car to take him for a Covid Test. Apparently she did not want him in the car with her in case he was infected. Paranoia on steroids. This stupid woman is a schoolteacher !! I received an e-mail from my local Building Society. In their wisdom they have decided that the Unvaxxed can spend no more than 5 mins at the counter. If you are going to chin wag for 15 mins then you need to show your vaccine pass.


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