1. The only things the ANC are capable of, is theft, lying, murder, corruption, neglect, incompetence and mismanagement. And even in that they are amateurs, because anyone with half a brain knows what they are up to. The only thing they are pros at, is denial. They can deny themselves out of a steel cage. Even their damage control is on tenterhooks these days, no one believes a word that comes out of their mouths. Who can blame us?

  2. low life snakes from the toilet of satan.. Misson terrorize and control by fear. Since its birth from a snake egg the anc

  3. Wonderful people ?, the sorts that would steal a blind mans walking cane, the opposite of the good samaritan, and yet they are Durban councillors, supposedly elected to be of benefit to Durbans citizens,hmmmm,i dont think so.

  4. The name of the ANC t/a AFM: African National Congress “trading as” (aka looting as) African National Mafia.

  5. By the way I like the cartoons. Who draws these cartoons? This is not simply copy and paste.

  6. One day they will have to talk to God l do not feel sorry for them at all. God has to be crying to see what is happening and he will put his hands down hard.

  7. garnett. people live in fear of the gangster anc. they will say anything they are told to say and when and how. next it will be the womans gone mad and in a locked hospital.never listen to anc lies and snake sh8t stories. what is for sure they will do anything including selling babies.

  8. I think that these delusional idiots will use their right hand to steal from their left hand and vice versa

  9. this is why i dont support any of these so-called charity orgs,, it just get stollen


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