1. Interesting it did not originate in South Africa but was found in New Zealand, England, Brazil, France, India, Indonesia, The Philippines and other places. South

    African scientists isolated, sequenced and reported it

  2. Once again they are creating fear so that they have the excuse to heavily lock everyone down

  3. A brand new strain and a brand new lie to mislead the world through fear!

  4. A New “Vaccine far more deadlier than the first!”
    They’re not killing the world off quick enough are they?

  5. I am still waiting for my packets of Ivermectin to arrive from India. Not holding my breath.

  6. when you go look at flight-radar 24 one sees all the planes right now flying from South Africa and back,, Lufthansa Swiss air Air France China airways ,,,i understand thy fetching of their citizens ,,,but i’m sure all of a sudden more are going to test positive all of a sudden, and Eurowings flying to Cape Town there is two flights from Lufthansa

  7. Pfizer share price jumped 6 % as soon as thy announced they can within 100 days have a new vaccine for it,, sounds fishy to me

  8. Omicron – Moronic

    Now these useless creatures will use the hype of this moronic virus to make the death jab mandatory. Get ready to fight back things are going to turn nasty.

  9. Good day to you Scott,
    The fact that South African govt is now complaining of “being punished for their early detection of this Omicron variant” is ironic.
    “Covid: South Africa ‘punished’ for detecting new Omicron variant”

    Something about the sequence of this “announcement” is off.

    I personally think, the fact that the Constitutional Court has left off for 14 days after the past week’s 3 days long hearings, in order for the Judge to deliberate the verdict in this important case, could have affected the SA Govt.
    – “Activist takes mandatory vaccine fight to Constitutional Court
    In the past few months, big companies such as PSG and Discovery have encouraged employees to get vaccinated.”

    Maybe, the govt wanted to postpone their “duty to announce a new variant”, until judgement was delivered???

    I say that because Cape Town’s mayor was very, very, upset with the govt, because they made it TOO EARLY:
    “Travel industry despair at new uncertainty caused by super-mutant variant as tourism-dependent Cape Town blasts the way South Africa announced it to the world
    Cape Town mayor slammed country’s Covid experts for ‘rushed’ announcement”…

    Remember, the set date for the announcement was: 4 DECEMBER 2021 – the day of the total Solar eclipse.

    “Here’s when the fourth Covid-19 wave is expected to hit South Africa
    Professor Salim Abdool Karim says the severity will depend on the prospects of new immune-escape variants versus the number of people vaccinated.
    Fourth wave predictions
    Back in June, Professor Salim Abdool Karim told Bhekisisa that SA could almost certainly experience a fourth wave, and based on the data, it is expected to happen in December.”

    The reason why the South African govt HAD to announce, is because ISRAEL forced their hand. Had they not, they would have ended up with mud on their faces, because he would have publicly announced that citizens of Israel, after returning from a visit to family in SEA POINT (little Israel) Cape Town, were “diagnosed”
    with the
    “Covid 19 deadly, symptomless variant, “OMICRON of the double vaccinated”.

    ” After Omicron found, Israel mulls new airport rules; Switzerland bars most Israelis
    World scrambles to respond to new concerning variant; Bennett reportedly wants to close Israel to all foreigners, most ministers opposed
    27 November 2021″

    I think, the South African govt has lost their appetite for the COVERT game. The ANC suffered a huge blow to their ego during the elections. They are unsure about possible future accountability for their role in these COVERT GAMES.

    They realised that Schalk and all his legal colleagues, as well as the CHRISTIANS of this small country at the Southernmost tip of Africa, have finally decided to stand together as one man, and to surpass all the nitty gritty which during “normal times” divide us.

    WE have, through the FREE education Schalk so generously gifted us with, realised that we have a firm foundation in our constitution and labour laws.

    As patients, who are now also covered by the Consumer Protection Act (because we, as LAB RATS, CONSUME BIG PHARMA RUBBISH), we have discovered that we are endowed with AUTONOMY and SOVEREIGNITY over our BODILY INTEGRITY – on a mental, SPIRITUAL, as well as PSYCHOLOGIGAL level.

    Another oddity, is that Israel, 12 November 2021, conducted “Wargames” for their Army:
    Israel conducts COVID-19 ‘wargame’ to beat fictitious Omega strain”

    Heed the title of this “GAME”. OMEGA or BIG O.

    Letter O – as in an unbroken circle of events, or actions and consequences which follows, a cycle perpetually being repeated:

    “uppercase Ο is OMEGA”

    Jesus says, I Am the Alpha, Beginning, Source, and END or OMEGA the COMPLETION of God’s Creation according to His Righteous order.

    “lowercase ο,
    literally ‘small o’ is mikrón, micron meaning ‘small’
    in contrast to omega.
    Omega means powerful, important, significant, while omicron symbolises the MINUTE (any Airborne or water soluble PATHOGEN)

    o-micron for the INSIGNIFICANT, LEAST LITTLE ones….

    ‘Omicron’, not ‘Nu’ or ‘Xi’: Did WHO skip two letters of Greek alphabet to avoid ‘Xi’? By Shreya | Published: Saturday, November 27, 2021


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