1. It seems that the nwo vaccine terrorists are not really taking any court decision or expert medical science as arguments against their global take over. In Canada the court concluded that the pandemic ‘virus’ does not exist …..so in Spain and they carry on as ‘usual’. They will do the same with this court’s decision. The CDC would officially write that the PCR testing does not work to identify covid, but the emergency councils will ignore it and continue to ‘identify cases’ that may just as well be identifying a brick as covid positive. This is a big GOON SHOW and we are paying for the tickets to watch this show. The mask tyranny is just a tool to easily pick on people to harass and to keep the virus ‘problem’ active in the minds of people. The freedom to breath air with enough oxygen, is REMOVED and it causes brain damage. It may hide foul breath of other people a little and the 2m distance may also help to hide garlic breath, but otherwise it is useless as a medical prevention of infection. We need herd infections as to stimulate the God given function of our immune system to work all the time and to build up anti bodies. That is now removed via sanitizers and the immune system is even damaged by some sanitizers. So some sanitizers are hurting the immune system and masks are depriving us from breathing properly. The masks still allow germs etc through and they know that so the sanitizers had to prevent the infections stimulating the natural immune system and anti bodies. So if you get a real cold your defense system is not fully equipped. So with boosters you only had to get the normal flu virus in the injection mixed with other GO or so and if you land in hospital being (incorrectly) pcr positive, the protocol treatment will ensure you get very ill and then part of the protocol will be to be injected with ‘their vaccine’ and remdesivir and you sit with myocarditis and blood clots. A ventilator is a ‘dramatic’ treatment to make it appear as if the patient is being helped. The suicide injections allowed to be taken is the easy way for them to eradicate humans and the hospital admittance has financially very profitable results for compensated hospitals and doctors. So governments pay the vaccine terrorists to eradicate us and we pay the governments…so we are paying for our own demise and even for the ‘compensations’ as to make sure there is a constant flow of the victims.

  2. Someone must start a website where names of all that can be tried under the Nuremburg code, are listed. That includes the names of doctors and nurses and appointed JABBERS and university administrators etc. . and listed per country or state. So the criminals can look for their names everyday and be famous. So please people, if you are jabbed, make sure you take the name of the jabber and id and date and place and maybe even a photo snap of the people jabbing.

  3. I feel sorry for the person wearing his or her mask the whole day just to hide a smelly breath. It’s important to have fresh air and masks prevent such from happening. The suicide ventilators and the illogical socialist distancing will destroy millions of people. Communists are still killing people today.

  4. This is a good hill to die on! They can jab my dead body and I will take as much jabbers as possible with me!!!

  5. Cyril apparently, according to our constitution, cannot mandate the jabs, however, he is getting the big corporates e.g. Discovery, Dischem, PicknPay etc to insist on the jabs.

    Interesting to note that Cyril has been very quiet, he got covid but not treated by private doctors. He was treated by the military!!!

  6. @ Jaguar:
    If they can get Martial Law in some devious way, they can suspend the constitution and do what they like to us. The UN in any or every country, will immediately assist to enforce and guide the Martial Law requirements. According to Pfizer contracts as explained on Gravitas, Pfizer will take over all army camps to use as they wish etc. if the governments can’t meet the contract stipulations. That is why our courts should be used to force the contract details out of Ramaphosa urgently, because then the contract can be declared null and void and legal steps can be taken against Ramaphosa for maybe committing treason??? But where are our legal experts, or have they been silenced also (except for Schalk van der Merwe) ….with most of them belonging to the freemasons with an oath to their baphomet goat god to be bound to only one oath, belonging to the goat god, and countries come second. That is why leaders belonging to the satanic cults will easily destroy their own countries and people and feel no remorse.


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