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    Nat Quinn


    For your edification, inspiration and for intercession, here is a small selection of remarkable, written responses that we have received by mail, e-mail or comments on our websites, from friends and supporters and from the field, in the last four months. Please continue to lift up these people and countries in prayer. Please continue to intercede that our publications, outreaches, workshops, broadcasts and courses may continue to renew minds, change hearts, transform lives and disciple nations.

    Making Every Effort to Keep the Unity of the Spirit through the Bond of Peace
    Thank you for this message… It couldn’t have come at a more appointed time! Thank you for your obedience and faithful service.” C. A.

    Hi Peter and Frontline Team, Thank you for sending us your latest newsletter. Together we want to thank our Heavenly Father for 40 years of endless grace and faithfulness. We pray that God will bless, protect and provide for you, your family and the mission in a special way for the years to come. May all of us keep our eyes in faith upon Jesus our Saviour and Lord. With love and greetings to all.” J. & E.

    From Malawi
    Praise God. Will continue praying for Frontline Fellowship. May the Lord continue to give Dr. Peter Hammond vision to reach the nations with the Gospel. Glory be to God.” Bishop B. P. (Malawi)
    Dear my brethren of Frontline leadership, I am very grateful for all your newsletters and updates of your programs. I would like to beg you to come to Malawi again and help us with the evangelism. Evangelism is the great heart of God. I always been blessed for what you people are doing in the ministry.” Pastor S J (Malawi)

    From America
    God bless you, Peter and staff. I praise God for you. Thank you for keeping Peter alive and healthy all these years. Father, bless his family and Frontline Fellowship. In Jesus name, amen.” Dr. J. G. (USA)

    Brilliant and very challenging. Thank you Peter.” K (England)

    The Foundations of Law and Justice – MAGNA CARTA
    Thanks for this summation of history and its importance for today” J. V.S.

    FRONTLINE Behind Enemy Lines For Christ
    I have just finished reading “FRONTLINE Behind Enemy Lines For Christ” WOW what a book ! And what can I say. I will be turning 69 years old next month and I have spent many months up on the border (infantry) sleeping under the stars but my experiences are nothing to what you experienced in Africa “Behind Enemy Lines” I have listened to you on the various platforms that you speak and this book certainly adds a new dimension to everything. I would just like to say a big Thank You to you, your family and the team for all the sacrifices that you made to carry out The Great Commission. I am sure that one day when you arrive in Heaven that there will be millions of people there to welcome you whose lives you impacted and if I am there before you I most certainly will be one of them. Once again a heartfelt thank you from a brother in Christ. May you, your family and team be Blessed.” R. L.

    Dear Peter, A really excellent article. Thank you” P. T. (England)

    GCC 2022
    Hello Frontline. Thank you very much for the GCC 2022 Course. It was good and enlightening. I learnt a lot. Thank you very much for the Gospel tracts which we distributed today at our weekly street Evangelism and soup kitchen. Our emphasis is the Great Commission. The people that we ministered to are also being encouraged and taught to win souls . Thanks once again for the lessons and good hospitality.” J. M. (SA)

    Christian greetings to all of you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My appreciation to you, Dr Peter Hammond for remembering South Sudan Independence since 9thJuly 2011 until now .May Almighty God assist you. Here I am persevering with the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Border of Darfur and Northern Sudan as missionary. Please my mentor, continue to support South Sudan, it is young nation. And thanks. In Christ.” P.J.B. (South Sudan)

    From Ireland
    Dear Dr Peter Hammond, Greetings to you and your team. You helped me get set up when I first came to Ireland in 2005. As I am a blind person I needed foundational teaching and of course, His mighty Word. I listen each day to your CDs and so love it. You know Peter the secular influence is so amazing that there are precious few Christian Radio Station who keep to the Apostolic Mission, And to the foundation and Doctrinal views of the Reformed Church. I have taken this matter up with all …But it is an enterprise church world. So let us just keep sowing the seed.” GR, (Ireland)

    For Book Donations
    Thank you to you and your crew for your invitation and hospitality at our meetings at Livingstone House. The books you gave us are truly high quality gifts that will form the basis of the library at Salem. They are a rich treasure trove and I trust that many will be further enlightened by the teachings contained therein. This was a magnificent gesture! Thank you so much. We are both eager to spread the Gospel. The Work of Frontline Fellowship is truly remarkable. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in all that you do.” J.C, D & J.
    Thank you so much for Frontline Fellowship’s recent donation of books and other resources to the Bible Institute. We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity in thinking of the college. The books will be helpful to our students’ studies and to further their love and knowledge of Christ. I have enjoyed sorting through the books. It was especially helpful to receive Afrikaans editions of some of them. Thank you again. Your giving is an encouragement. May the Lord bless you in your ministry.” H. P. (SA)

    Dr. Peter Hammond, Thank You So Much for your writings. I find it SO Encouraging to hear of the Pioneer Missionaries. You inspire me ❗️ My wife & I have served for 40 years in missions. My trips to Africa have brought amazing results for the Glory of GOD. Blessings to you & your Family.” D. W. (USA)

    ACH Radio Show
    Hi Peter, I first listened you on the ACH radio show. I just wanted to say thank you for many things! Firstly Thank You for the true historical timeline of our History and not what is pushed in mainstream. Thank You. Secondly, thank you for the Bible Survey. I went through it all – it was the most amazing, most in-depth description of each Book I’ve heard thank you for the knowledge and explanation of each book. Lastly, I wanted to express thanks for doing what you do. I’ve only recently came to the Faith within the last few years and obviously the Holy Bible is my Rock, but you have been one of my biggest inspirations and have really helped me find my feet in my Faith so I wanted to thank you for that as well. God bless you! Non Nobis Domine Non Nobis Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam” G. S. (UK)

    A Christian Perspective on the War in Ukraine
    Thanks for the updates,This has helped me understand these events on a different angle. Blessings!” P. A.
    Good article Dr Peter Blessings” L.
    Thank you for this well-informed and rational evaluation! May many Christians heed these words.” D. W.
    Dear Dr Peter Hammond. Thank you for all the emails you send, may God continue to protect you and provide you with His wisdom. Here we are on praying for every information you give. May God change the hearts of Russians and Ukrainians to come to peace as children of God.” Rev G. C.
    Great job!” JR (USA)
    Thank you so much for this wise analysis on the Ukraine war. It all proves once again that elections have consequences. It was a tragedy when President Herbert Hoover (one of the finest!) lost to FDR in 1932 and it is now bringing terrible consequences having Joe Biden in the Oval office. I personally do not believe that we would have this tragedy now had Donald Trump remained president. (Not that he didn’t have his faults). A still far greater danger comes from Klaus Schwab and co. and the World Economic Forum. You’re absolutely right – it is all a preparation for one-world government and ultimately the antichrist rule. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings in Jesus Christ our Lord.” B. H. (Germany)
    Well presented structural and factual position of the actual events that have lead up to the current tragedy taking place in the Ukraine and exposes the Liberal West’s Hypocrisy when dealing with countries that do not want to conform to their concept of the one world order and dominance of other nations under the false pretext of national sovereignty and democracy.” P. K.
    Thank you. I am now beginning to understand The Great Reset and how world events are beginning to fit together as we get closer to the End Times scenario.” C.O.B.

    Thank you Peter, This is one of your articles that I’ve been most blessed by. The message and principle of forgiveness spoke to me and brought release on an issue I didn’t even realise I still held on to. Also interesting to note that bitterness lies at the heart of many social and political movements. Thank you & God Bless!” L B

    Is There an AGENDA?
    Timely alarm and alert. Indeed, there is an evil agenda. God help us, our children and our families.” B. N

    Pandemic, Panic, Propaganda & Priorities
    Dear Peter, I was told about your sermons regarding the New World Order and I think they are great and very much appreciate them. Thank you.” L. UK

    Dealing with Death and Grappling with Grief
    Peter, Well Done. This is absolutely beautiful and a profound tribute to your loved ones, while giving us all hope and encouragement and perspective. I think it’s a really wonderful message. THANK YOU. And may God continue to bless you & your beautiful family, and comfort you in your inconceivable loss.” A. M. (SA)


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