Being a WhistleBlower in South Africa

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    Nat Quinn
    Being a WhistleBlower in South Africa

    Call me Storm because I am not allowed to disclose my name. I got instructed (”gagged”) on all levels not to speak up.

    What I am going to share with you is not so that you feel sorry for me, by God’s Grace I am well. I made it…..

    But I wish I had known all these facts when employed. I am going to share my own ordeal when employed

    and thereafter to clearly paint a picture that might help you or a loved one ending up in a similar situation.

    Let’s start off with…..the ”Law” remember it does not matter how we feel, and it does not matter what others do

    we are not supposed to break the law…if we do there will be possible consequences. we will not get away if the

    National Prosecution Authority (NPA) decides to prosecute us….saying we did not know is also of little value

    for an excuse…..

    In industry there are strict rules that need to be adhered to regarding Safety and it is called the OHS act.

    The purpose of the OHS act is to prevent accidents and possible injury or fatalities. Noe the OHS act

    is implemented by the authority, the Department of Labour and Employment.

    I am going to try and explain by means of an Airplane….just to make it easy to understand

    So, what do you do if your employer instructs you to break the law? I am speaking about a scenario that could cause death?

    For sure anybody in his right mind will not get on an Airplane with an Airworthy inspection figure of 17 %, and then also

    realising that the fraud was committed to achieve the 17%. Now this happened to me, and I was asked to fly the Airplane.

    I refused and they replaced the Pilot, but the problem for me as a person was that my loved ones were still on the plane.

    What does a Person / Pilot do now ? Hopefully you would not just turn a blind eye…and you need to make sure that this

    airplane does not get airborne….right? Well, you start blowing the whistle within all the rules and regulations there are and

    the ”Law” for sure there are also moral obligations and in the Bible in Rom13 it is clearly stated that we need to adhere

    to the law of the land, now whether we agree or not it is still written.

    So you start to live in the truth, and you start to gather information and evidence to protect yourself. And do not count

    on any flesh, God is your only hope…people might stand by you for a short while but when it becomes hot, they also vanish.

    I was at times of my employment a full member of Solidarity and they also conveniently turned a blind eye…..I will for

    sure, elaborate if you would like to know but this writing is not about them, but you as my friend.

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