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    by Allan Wohrnitz (BSc) – Nutrition Expert


    Candida is a fungus (a yeast), as well as a parasite, that is present mainly in the colon, from birth onwards. 


    In the presence of yeast (from bread) and sugar, Candida reproduces very fast. 

    In the absence or deficiency of B Vitamins, Candida can grow and multiply uncontrollably 


    The Candida fungus breaks down sugar into alcohol (as found in beer, wine, spirits, etc.) and forms gas, known as fermentation. The gas causes bloating. The alcohol possibly creates craving for more alcohol and most likely the source of hyperactivity. 


    Cravings for more sugar and bread are usually due to the candida crying for sugar and yeast to feed itself so it can survive. 


    Candida overgrowth cause the following undesirable effects:

    Thrush, nappy rash, allergies, hyperactivity, blood in stools, eczema, acne, poor concentration, bladder infections, bad breath, poor immune system, constipation, diarrhoea, heart burn, irritable bowel syndrome, Chrone’s disease (intestinal inflammations), asthma, hay fever, cancer, etc..


    Unrestrained growth of candida will cause them to gather together and they then get attached to the wall of the colon. They then begin to grow fine, hair like structures that penetrate the gut wall and causes perforations, creating the effects of “Leaky Gut Syndrome.” 

    The stage of the mass of threadlike tubes is the point when serious problems begin and the gut can leak its contents into the blood stream. 


    Leakages from the colon (the most common site of the problem) with the poisons destined to be expelled from the body seep through and contaminate the blood. 

    Candida reproduces in the form of spores, and by seeping into the blood stream, they are capable of travelling and multiplying throughout the body. 

    In babies candida can even penetrate into the brain (possibility of creating future learning and concentration difficulties).  

    It establishes itself anywhere and one will then feel extremely fatigued and generally “ill all over.” 

    The immune system comes under attack and gradually ceases to be able to protect the sufferer from the seeped in poisons and allergies begin. 

    Candida produces its own toxins and when present in the blood, it attacks the immune system. The body tries to rid the toxins by producing mucus to wash it away, resulting in runny noses, sore throat and ear infections. 


    Control of Candida:

    Candida overgrowth is restrained in a high B vitamin environment. 

    The presence of friendly intestinal bacteria or flora in the intestines is VITAL TO GOOD HEALTH.  Intestinal Flora produces the B-vitamins, creates a proper balance and holds back the invasion of harmful bacteria and parasites and prevents the candida attaching itself to the intestinal walls to perforate them.


    The intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) is also known as probiotics, of which two kinds exist:

    Bifidus Bifodum – found in breast milk. It lines the digestive tract of the infant and establishes the immune system.

    Lactobacillus Acidophilus – it joins the gut in children between the ages of 5 and 7.


    Causes of Candida overgrowth:

    1. Antibiotics – massive and repeated doses kills the friendly bacteria.
    2. Birth Control Pill – depletes zinc levels, hence a breakdown of the immune system
    3. Hormones and Steroids – have the same effects of birth control pills
    4. Smoking – makes one susceptible to fungal overgrowth
    5. Stimulants (coffee, cokes, Energy drinks, caffeine based drinks) – produces excess sugar in the blood which feeds the candida present in the bloodstream
    6. Stress – causes blood sugar to rise – same effect as stimulants
    7. Mercury (in tooth fillings)– causes candida overgrowth close to the brain. Candida present in the mouth causes halitosis (bad smelling breath).


    Steps to get Candida under control and restore health

    1. Stop the growth of Candida by cutting out refined sugar and breads or other products made with bakers yeast. 
    2. Eat a lot more fresh vegetables. Or get super greens in supplement form in a concentrated form with all the benefits of fresh vegetables
    3. Reduce one’s intake of fruits for a month to lower the availability of fructose (fruit sugar), which the candida can live on and reproduce. 
    4. Use organic milk or milk certified rBST Hormone Free. Avoid cow’s milk that is not certified. Cows are treated with antibiotics and are given growth hormones (rBST Hormones) to increase their milk-producing yield. 
    5. Follow the blood group diet as written in the book “Eat Right For Your Type” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. This diet will enable the immune system to be rebuilt and reduce allergic reactions.  I have collected a few charts for each blood group which you can access HERE

    Alternatively, should one wish to eat any foods, it is strongly advised to take digestive enzymes with meals to ensure all foods are fully digested and no undigested foods can enter the bloodstream to create allergies and unnecessary immune system disturbances.

    This diet is recommended assuming the colon is perforated and leaks. Once the colon is repaired (no leaky gut) and no perforations exist, one should be able to eat anything as no toxins and undigested foods can seep through the colon.

    1. Get on a high quality protein diet with vitamin and mineral supplements and probiotics supplements to:
    • reduce and control the growth of candida
    • repair the damaged colon and close up any perforations so undigested foods and poisons  to be expelled do not enter and contaminate the blood stream.
    • detox the effects of mercury poisoning

    Avoid tap water mixed with probiotic supplements as the chlorine present in the water will kill the friendly bacteria in the supplements. Use bottled water, filtered or distilled water.

    Do a colon cleanse to clean up all impacted faeces lined on the colon to reduce any form of bowel disorders and intoxication. 

    More information on the Colon and Cleansing the Colon


    STRESS – find a way to reduce stress. 

    Either remove stress in your life or engage in an effective stress therapy to help remove bottled up anger, fear or frustrations accumulated in one’s whole life, the factors that create chronic stress in one’s life. 

    My recommendation on removing Stress – a very effective Stress Therapy – Dianetics


    Pregnancy and Babies

    It is impossible to pass on to your offspring an inheritance you do not possess. A mother with a poor immune system cannot pass a healthy immune system to her child. 

    Babies deprived of breast-feeding frequently have bowel disorders and difficulty digesting foods resulting in sniffles, runny nose, infections, nappy rash, etc..


    Children and Hyperactivity

    Hyperactivity – a constant state of activity, and the individual can never stay still, is derived from yeast starting to bubble in the gut and fermentation in progress creating like the early stages of alcoholic consumption. Possibly the start of alcohol addiction? 

    Visit for more in depth drug-free solutions to hyperactivity in children.

    You Tube Video on Drug Free Alternatives for Children with Hyperactivity



    1. Visit my website Supa Boost Health and discover for yourself your options to better your health the natural way


    1. Take advantage of my FREE Health Coaching Questionnaire – I will guide you on the correct steps to take to become well and healthy the natural way

    Take advantage of the Gut/Colon Repair and Support Pack




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