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    Nat Quinn

    Former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter refused to name the ministers allegedly involved in corruption at Eskom during his appearance at Parliament. 

    De Ruyter appeared before the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) to testify about allegations he made about corruption at Eskom.
    De Ruyter approached a senior minister about a high-level politician involved in potentially criminal activities at Eskom.
    ‘The minister in question looked at a senior official and said, “I guess it was inevitable that it would come out anyway.” It suggests that it was not news,’ De Ruyter said.
    He also expressed concerns to a minister about the government’s attempts to water down the $8.5 billion package for the country’s clean energy transition.
    ‘The response was that “You have to be pragmatic. To pursue the greater good, you have to enable some people to eat a little bit”.’
    De Ruyter refused to give more detail to Scopa about these accusations and the names of the government officials and ministers involved.
    He said he was constrained because of a lack of access to documents, as he is no longer the CEO of Eskom. He directed Scopa to law enforcement for further information.
    He was limited in the information he could give as investigations are ongoing. To avoid compromising ongoing investigations, he wouldn’t give sensitive information to Parliament. The allegations are under investigation by the Hawks.
    De Ruyter also said forensic investigations are subject to legal and professional privileges attached to Eskom. Exposing the details of these investigations would compromise Eskom’s ability to gather evidence. Eskom would disclose the information.
    Finally, De Ruyter expressed concern for his safety and said he was thus unwilling to divulge sensitive information publicly.


    source:De Ruyter to Scopa: speak to law enforcement – Daily Friend

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