Like his father, Justin Trudeau has an odd affection for murderous communist regimes Pierre Trudeau was not a Maoist, but he had a vague affection for the tyrant’s regime, which he passed on to his son

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    Nat Quinn

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    WASHINGTON, D.C. — The flight from Montreal to Washington is a short one, but the political distance between the namesakes of Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport and Ronald Reagan airport is long indeed.


    This week, marking the 40th anniversary of Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech, is a propitious time to revisit that difference, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flounders to explain why he appears so untroubled by the Chinese Communist regime’s support for his Liberal party.


    Pierre Trudeau was not a Maoist, but he had a vague affection for the tyrant’s regime, which he passed on to his son, who famously confessed admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship.” It is not altogether different from the affection that Trudeau the elder had for jailer of the Cuban people, Fidel Castro.


    A commemoration of the “Evil Empire” speech was held this past week at the Victims of Communism Museum in Washington. The museum opened last year to commemorate the untold millions who were killed by Mao, Stalin and other communist despots.


    Washington’s Victims of Communism Memorial was unveiled in 2007, on the 20th anniversary of Reagan’s “tear down this wall” speech in Berlin. By 2007 though, communism had been vanquished from Europe, so the memorial is a replica of the “Goddess of Democracy” statue built in Tiananmen Square in June 1989 and destroyed in the subsequent massacre. It is the successors of the Tiananmen butchers who funnelled money to support the re-election of Canada’s prime minister.


    Since reports emerged of election interference, Trudeau has not expressed outrage that the Chinese Communists would consider him something of an ally. You can be sure that if the third cousin of a pro-life demonstrator made a donation to a Liberal MP, the money would be returned and the MP, donor and demonstrator would be denounced in the grave, ponderous voice the prime minister reserves for such occasions.


    Yet the news that Beijing’s repressive regime enthusiastically supports Trudeau’s minority government is greeted with equanimity by Trudeau and his ministers. Of course they would! It’s only those obtuse security services that are fretting over the Communists meddling in our elections.


    Recall how Trudeau the elder reacted to the “Evil Empire” speech, which horrified all those who disdained anti-communists more than they were troubled by communism. Seven months after Reagan called evil by its name, Trudeau launched his “peace initiative,” which involved him touring world capitals to no discernible effect.


    The principal purpose of Trudeau’s peace initiative was to ostentatiously show that Canada wasn’t in the “evil empire” camp. Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II paid Trudeau no attention and got on with the pressing task of ending the Cold War by winning it, not making peace with the enslavement of Moscow’s captive nations.


    Forty years on, it’s important to recall how determined Pierre Trudeau was to distance himself from Reagan’s anti-communism. Even the Soviets shooting down the Korean passenger airliner in September 1983 was not enough to derail the peace initiative.


    When the Harper government decided to proceed with a victims of communism memorial in Ottawa, they took the pointed decision to locate it adjacent to the Supreme Court, on land previously designated by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien for the new Pierre Elliott Trudeau Judicial Building.


    The project was delayed, and within months of his election in 2015, Justin Trudeau decreed that the communism memorial would be moved. Land designated to honour his father would not be used to commemorate victims whose plight his father’s policies did nothing to help.

    Ottawa’s memorial is still not complete. The Trudeau building is not even underway. If it ever gets built, it would be fitting to put the Goddess of Democracy in the lobby. In Tiananmen Square, she was held aloft against a giant portrait of Mao. In Ottawa, she could be displayed with Pierre Elliott Trudeau gazing on in the background.
    Just last week, Justin Trudeau attacked Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre because three of his MPs took a photo with an unsavoury backbench MP in the European Parliament. Poilievre replied with the non sequitur that Trudeau wore blackface so frequently that he cannot even remember how often he did it.
    Poilievre should have said that he had no lessons to learn about dubious associations from a man who appears to have tolerated support from the greatest gangster regime on the planet. And as far as dubious associations go, Trudeau the younger is hardly pure, but a son does not choose his father.
    National Post


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