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    Nat Quinn
    For clarity in my objective for raising funds.
    To qualify in both ILT (Integrative Learning Therapy) and Neurofeedback (with the machinery needed).
    Later, to open a centre where I will be having a few other specialists involved in creating the centre as a
    holistic centre in ‘healing’ the individual/child for a brighter, happier future.
    Other specialists will be a nutritionist, a Montessori teacher, a tennis coach (who will be getting qualified
    to also work with neuro-diverse children), etc.
    What I plan to undertake in the studying and with the centre will involve a tremendous amount of time,
    effort and support.
    I always look at the remedial centres (eg. in Stanford, which is about 30 minutes drive they have the
    Butterfly Centre: It only focuses on education. If a child has a hemisphere
    imbalance(s) no matter how much studying on the child’s part and the extreme dedication of a teacher
    they will not progress very far.
    Imagine it is as though this child has to learn through an extremely dirty window.
    Most of the children that attend these centres do not achieve enough to move on and therefore later in
    life (if not yet) are medicated with Ritalin, Concerta or something else which is mind-numbing, liver
    damaging, etc. I have spoken to a couple mothers whose sons were aged 50-55 who were privileged to
    have many special educational teachers and care givers- but they actually never dealt with brain
    balancing/reflexes and gut health. One of the two men passed away possibly due to neglect on the carers
    but the mother did not want to re-traumatize herself with the thought that something else was just the
    wrong thing for her son.
    I am grateful that I know the tools in which can help my son and that the time/year I live in has so much to
    offer. I had a brief year with Neurofeedback and wow, from having his speech therapist saying my son
    would never possibly talk and might need a translator – to him actually talking 3-4 word sentences. He has
    slightly regressed this past year where he has not had the Neurofeedback, but is still he is learning new
    On the case of ILT with Neurofeedback, let’s call her Mindy, who lives in Zimbabwe has a neuro-diverse
    son. At the age of 16 he was able to verbally participate in school and answer questions, but was not able
    to read and write. After going for the first ILT assessment she was given homework by the practitioner to
    do with her son at home. In two weeks he could read and write! She wished she could have continued
    therapy but he was off to boarding school.
    How I learnt about Neurofeedback was an American young man in his 20’s had a motorbike accident and
    lost all his speech due to the part of the brain which was damaged. Doctors said there was no hope. He
    tried the Neurofeedback and by his twentieth session he was talking sentences again! This is why I drove
    two hours to Cape Town with one hour treatment and two hours back three times a week for more than 6
    months, gradually decreasing to once a week in the year. It was worth it! Loïc did the anti-seizure protocol
    and from having eight seizures an hour to none in two days of starting the protocol and not having one
    since- that alone is amazing! His sleep, his mood, concentration, etc. had improved. His teachers said each
    time he went for the outing (therapy) it was like his brain was super charged and he could work so well and
    calmly – I did not tell them what he was doing since I wanted the teachers to just see the change in him and
    revert rather than having an idea and being influenced to give a positive feedback. I had such faith in the
    Neurofeedback we even stopped the Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist. While we continued
    with the Neurofeedback he was just excelling forwards.
    In Hermanus a Grade 11-12 Math and Science teacher at a very well known school, “Generations”, told me
    she doesn’t know what is going on with children these days as every second child has some learning issue.
    It is becoming such a problem. Most (actually all) doctors just medicate a child. This is the first wrong –
    poor child.
    Another teacher told me last year the first and third graders are all depressed and are starting anti-
    depressants as they cannot cope with the school load now placed on young students. Neurofeedback not
    only deals with the depression but is mind-enhancing. It is used also for children in school to better their
    concentration, for sports athlete’s businessmen etc.
    Dr Michelle van Niekerk, a paediatrician at Mediclinic Hermanus with a special interest in neurodiversity
    wrote that “The global prevalence of autism stands at one in every 54 births”.
    This sponsorship is going to open the way for me to study, qualify, open a centre/practice. Later, people
    can sponsor a child/children. I will have a website where you will see the child and also the family. How
    they were before and what remarkable change we made in their lives which did not only change the child,
    but the families and friends so intimately involved in this child’s life.
    My intentions: To do good, help and make a better world for so many. And, possibly this can open doors
    for other centres to open here in South Africa.
    Website for more in-depth information on ILT:
    Website for more in-depth information on on Neurofeedback:



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