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    Nat Quinn

    I’m sure you guys know Alan, our local nutritional expert. Well seems like what he does pertains to a very unsettling prerequisite which I’m sure he and all of us would object to very strongly.

    Nutritional Therapist Careers – Become a Nutritional Therapist

    Overregulation I feel is imposed by these organizations all affiliated with the World Health organization and liberal cabal governments to restrict people from having a second SAFE and FREE opinion and those practicing naturopathic modalities volunteering they’re free time and efforts helping others.

    Alan said in the last livestream how he was working with a lady who had cancer whom which he administered his guidance and knowledge which in return helped her, her cancer is even now in remission!!

    These so called degree doctors couldn’t even help nor had the time to even bother assisting this lady any further.

    Yet a guy with no degree like Alan (Who actually studied what he knows) more qualified I would say could assist another person medically….

    There’s something wrong with the academic world or there’s definitely something something wrong with today’s doctors. How many of them advocated for the vaccines which already caused millions to die? Still want to trust such people to assist you medically? I think not.

    I have to say I’ve been long a supporter and believer in holistic natural alternative medicine since the plandemic, there’s no other way a human being is healed beyond natural means, simply cannot heal otherwise for its by design that we are organic natural beings.

    Anyone like Alan should be given a medal instead of regulating or decapitating helping hands like him and others serving their communities. Not in the name of Medicine but in the name of God, humility and care for other fellow human beings. Any reason beyond this is purely humanistic or satanic.

    But every bloody system has failed us, our governments have failed us, governments gave up their right entrusted by God to govern us.

    We therefore rebuke any dominion that government and its systems have over us.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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