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    Nat Quinn

    PBSVUSA Video Release 20230209 1

    PBSVUSA and SPCA 20230209-1

    So in short, to everyone tonight watching this video broadcast, I would like to offer a secure membership, to have the same rights and benefits as awarded to this lady today, showing the speed and efficiency in how we, both the legal team and other professionals, can speedily assist you and your dog in these times.

    The price we offer these services at which includes many other benefits and not only the legal protections, can be offered at R200-00 per month for the rest of this 2023 year.

    If however, you may be having financial issues, the Grewar Foundation Pty Ltd, will then review the applicants accordingly and offer them a discounted price or “No Charge”, for every member who pays their R200-00, Grewar Foundation will then sponsor two (2) applicants.

    Protect your animals, make use of the PBSVUSA.

    We are available for enquiries or registrations on or whatsapp us on +27-071-727-8872 (071-PBSVUSA)
    For Legal requirements, contact the legal team directly on
    Our Website is
    Our Facebook is
    Sponsorships and Donations can be done directly to our payment gateway via credit card or eft, on YOCO,

    United We Stand, We Love Our Pitbulls, We Shall Not Surrender What We Love.

    Thank You and God Bless.
    Adrian Grewar


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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