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    Nat Quinn

    Rozanne Visagie has Finished her Race

    To read this tribute with pictures, click here
    Rozanne Visage, who has been courageously battling cancer and chemo for 12 years now, passed away in hospital yesterday, Sunday, 2nd October. Rozanne is the daughter of President PW Botha, the last real Christian South African President of integrity.

    The President’s Daughter
    The first time I heard of Rozanne, she was being interviewed and asked by some newspaper reporter what it was like “living in the shadow of her father, President PW Botha?” Rosanne’s answer was: “I do not live in his shadow, I live in his light!” I was impressed by her attitude. The First Daughter of the Republic of South Africa, as some in the media referred to her, was quite a character. She had volunteered for military service, subjecting herself to all the rigours and discipline of training in the Women’s College, in George. She was an accomplished singer and was also involved in film production.

    An Appointment with the First Daughter
    Although I was just a missionary, I felt prompted to contact her and ask for an appointment. Having just returned from a mission to Mozambique, I was deeply concerned about the recent Nkomati Accord and that South Africa was abandoning the RENAMO resistance movement in favour of this new relationship with the communist Frelimo government. Obviously the president would not be interested in meeting with a young 25 year old missionary, but if I could communicate some of my research to his daughter, she would surely have his ear. Rozanne was obviously well informed and well read. She shared my anti-Communist convictions and when the bugle sounded to announce the arrival of the president to Groote Schuur Estate, Rozanne declared “Papa needs to hear this!” She led me at a brisk pace down the hallway to meet the president in the foyer.

    President PW Botha
    It was quite intimidating for me to meet the man who had been Minister of Defence when I had served in the infantry, who was Prime Minister and now the President. However, he was gracious and after I’d given a brief report on the situation in Mozambique, he commented “Pik should have told me that!” Pik Botha was the Minister of Foreign Affairs (who turned out to be a real traitor, joining the ANC after the handover in 1994). The President showed me his study which was decorated with framed hostile cartoons trying to make fun of him. They had obviously failed to discourage the President. The media under-estimated his sense of humour and resilience. Throughout her life here on earth, the president’s daughter, Rozanne, evidenced the same steadfast resilience and strength of character as her famous father, with warm resolute Christian conviction and a healthy love of life and sense of humour.

    Combating Rhino Poaching
    Over the years, Rozanne and I co-operated in a number of causes, including the Let Me Be Your Voice campaign against the poaching of Rhinos, Life Chains, evangelistic outreaches, working for Reformation and praying for Revival. Rozanne and her daughter Shanna sang at our Reformation Day services at the Huguenot monument in Franschhoek and supported numerous of our initiatives, as we supported her initiatives and causes. Rozanne was tireless in enthusiastic prayer and praise and action. She often requested more Bibles, evangelistic booklets and Christian flags from our mission. We could always depend on her energetic perseverance. Rozanne was always a woman on a mission.

    Battling Cancer and Chemo
    Rozanne’s battles with cancer and chemo often paralleled those of my wife, Lenora. We have been friends with Rozanne and her family for over three decades.
    In 2019 we helped publish her husband Schalk’s book Under Fire in South Africa
    Her daughter, Shanna, completed our Great Commission Course in 2018 and has been a missionary to Ukraine since.
    Despite much pain, Rozanne remained cheerful, thankful, prayerful and full of praise and hope for the future.
    Her Cancer Diaries, which she shared with friends and on social media, were an inspiration and encouragement to many.

    Rozanne can now declare: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the Faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

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