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S.Africa: Super Rich Billionaire Indians on the run – Guptas apply for asylum in two African countries -AFRICAN CRISIS-JAN LAMPRECHT

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    Nat Quinn
    [These Indians bankrolled the Zulu President Zuma. Now the Black Jew Ramaphosa and the Jews are trying to toss Zuma and everyone related to him in jail. It’s so funny watching these super rich Indians running. Indians made the most money out of Black Rule, and they made so much money – all of them – that the Blacks are now jealous and angry too! This is funny because now Indians are on the line to some extent along with Whites! In the July 2021 violence, this caused Blacks to try to kill Indians and the Indians ended up shooting a bunch of Blacks dead. Then the Blacks ran around crying about how the Indians massacred them!!! It’s wonderful watching the Diversity crap breaking down. This works nicely for Whites. Jan]
    Atul and Rajesh Gupta, who are wanted by South African authorities on charges of money laundering and fraud, applied for asylum in two other nations on the continent, Africa Intelligence reported, without citing anyone.
    The brothers sent applications to the authorities in Cameroon and the Central African Republic, the Paris-based newsletter said. The governments of both countries are considering the requests, it said.
    The applications were sent to countries outside the Southern African Development Community, whose members are bound by protocol to respect extradition requests from fellow members states that include South Africa, AI said.
    The Guptas were arrested in the United Arab Emirates in June 2022. They were detained after Interpol placed them on its most-wanted list.
    South Africa has requested the brothers’ extradition from the UAE, and is awaiting an update on the application.
    A South African judicial inquiry into state corruption detailed close links between the Guptas and former President Jacob Zuma, with numerous witnesses alleging they worked hand-in-hand to siphon money out of state transport, power and arms companies and jointly decided who was appointed to the cabinet.
    The Gupta brothers and Zuma deny the allegations.
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