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    Nat Quinn


    Zuma was most certainly not the architect of the capture of the State. He simply implemented the ANC / SACP grand plan which was hatched during the 1980s by the ANC in exile.

    He, of course, brought in a few tweaks, solely to cover his own corpulent posterior.

    The grand plan was to usurp the SOEs, especially ESKOM, and TRANSNET. Then DENEL, SAA, SANRAL, then the others as they saw fit. They would stuff the Boards of Directors, senior management, and other staff full of ANC-aligned connected cadres who then owe their employment (which they ordinarily may not have gained on merit), to the ANC, and to who they now owe a debt of gratitude, and therefore are beholden to the ANC to do as they are instructed to do, in the interests of the ANC.

    They then targeted those institutions that were a threat, SARS, NPA, CIS, SAPS, and SANDF. These institutions had to be neutralised and also stuffed with compliant cadres. Once done, there was little threat of investigation or prosecution for either past crimes or those still to be committed.

    Yes, Parliament played an oversight role, as it should, but because of the ANC majority in Parliament, the committees of parliament were also stuffed full of hand-picked cadres, and for a reason.

    The full cabinet was also there just because constitutionally it had to be, but a select few members of the cabinet, the “chosen ones” formed a “kitchen cabinet,” which acted on the direct instruction of JZ and reported directly to him.

    We are all aware of the debacles that followed, especially at SARS, but what about SAPS and the CIS?

    These institutions had to be decimated. Obscure characters from remote villages and dorpies, although strategically placed long before this began, were then brought in to head these important institutions. Of course, they were all ANC cadres to the hilt.

    Enter one Richard Mdluli and his sidekick, Solly Lazarus.

    Lazarus had hardly been appointed when he stole R100,000 from the Secret Service Account to purchase two business class air tickets for Mdluli and his wife to fly to China to visit their daughter. The secret service fund paid for everything, including their “retail therapy.”

    Not long after this trip, the second trip Mdluli undertook, this time to Singapore, was accompanied by his girlfriend who went along for the ride. The purpose of the trip was to purchase “surveillance equipment”.

    Mdluli also helped himself to an array of luxury vehicles, five of them in fact, at a cost of over R3 million, this while the secret fund lease him and his family, “safe houses” fully stocked with groceries.

    In 2011, Mdluli presented his “big plan” for his department to the Commissioner of Police, one General Bheki Cele. The plan, for 250 additional undercover managers and agents, as well as agents to become informers, was approved.

    The game was now well and truly on. The “plan” also made provision for an extra 4 brigadiers and 30 colonels.

    Solly Lazarus, who was tasked with the appointments, duly received from Mdluli, a list of family members who had to be employed. ALL of those on the list had NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OR KNOWLEDGE of the work they were being employed to perform. These individuals included Mdluli’s (now former) wife, and his (now new) wife, both appointed as colonels, his daughter as a Lt colonel, and his son as captain. They all received vehicles, ranging from Audis and BMWs to Mercedes Benzes.

    Lazarus, now feeling duly empowered, appointed TWELVE of his own family members and friends. Other police members also followed suit.

    The most alarming appointment made at “crime intelligence,” by now an oxymoron, was that of a convicted drug dealer/smuggler, Ranganathan Marimuthu, together with EIGHT of his family members. NOT ONE OF THE NINE HAD ANY PRIOR INTELLIGENCE OR POLICE TRAINING AMONGST THEM.

    We, the South African taxpayers, forked out millions of our hard-earned rands for the upkeep of the Marimuthu mob, and that just for one reason – HIS CLOSENESS TO THE THEN COMMISSIONER OF POLICE – general BHEKI CELE (I am loathed to use and denigrate the title of general together with his name).

    Marimuthu has a shopping list of criminal records and ordinarily would not qualify as a police officer. To cover this, he was employed as an informer at the princely fee of R50000 per month. He was further given a BMW X5, replete with flashing blue lights. On top of that, numerous of his properties, (most uninhabitable), were rented by crime intelligence for R250,000 per month.

    Marimuthu’s wife was employed as a colonel, his daughter, and son-in-law as lt colonels, his brother as a colonel, his niece as a captain, and two of his girlfriends as clerks.

    When Marimuthu’s son-in-law was stopped by SAPS for driving around Umhlanga Rocks in a crime intelligence BMW X5 with blue lights flashing, he identified himself as a lt colonel. He refused to show any identification or service card but was released immediately after a call to top cop Bheki Cele.

    Major General Moodley, Crime Intelligence head in Kwa-Zulu Natal was blissfully unaware of any of the nefarious appointments made in his area of command. Seeing the name and the connection, he was astonished, as his department was investigating very serious cross-border car smuggling rackets by Marimuthu.

    On instruction from Cele, through Mdluli, Major General Moodley was ordered to drop these investigations against Marimuthu forthwith. He and his rotten family became untouchable.

    A further feature was that none of Mdluli’s, Lazarus’,s’ or Marimuthu’s family ever reported for duty, or ever submitted reports. However, they all had unfettered access to sensitive and highly classified intelligence material.

    This is an extract based on a chapter of Jacques Pauw’s latest book “OUR POISONED LAND”

    This is only part of it, and I have not yet even touched on Arthur Fraser’s stint at crime intelligence and his grand P.A.N scheme.

    One now begins to wonder why crime intelligence throughout the SAPS is wanting and in total disarray. It also explains somewhat why SAPS is so pregnant with Generals and Brigadiers.

    These ranks mean nothing if they are just handed out to any criminal who has connections to the chief skelm. WHY IS CELE UNTOUCHABLE?

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