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    Nat Quinn

    May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and text that says 'It's about time we stop calling them 'THE ELITES' and start referring to them as what they actually are 'THE PARASITES''


    There have been 3 Global/’world-alliance’ attempts at ‘eradicating’/wiping out the ‘White South Africans (SA)/Afrikaners: (1) 1st Boer War, 20 December 1880 – 23 March 1881; then 2nd Boer War, 11 October 1899 – 31 May 1902 our Afrikaner People had no military but the British Empire conspiring with more than half-a-million troops from Canada, Australia, the USA, Ireland. We discovered Gold/diamonds etc. but your greed came to wipe my people out; (2) The world media ‘onslaught’ of ‘liberating the revolutionary blacks of SA (who stole the country from the peaceful Bushman ‘KhoiSan’ people). The blacks deceived the world, making the world believe the ‘Afrikaners’ are monsters of a people – Sen. Biden even encouraged the world in his July 1986 speech in Washington DC…to hate the white Afrikaner. Since that speech more than 800 000 SA’s of all races have been brutally tortured/murdered by black Southern African men; (3) Today SA is destroyed – our economy is downgraded to ‘junk status’, our govt. coffers have been stolen empty by black politicians leaving the black masses poor, many homeless. But it’s this 30-year long world onslaught torturing, raping, murdering our white farmers by black men/black gangs – & the country is run by ‘gangs’ linked to the ‘revolutionary black communist government. But here is the strangest irony: The man, Sen. Biden who put world-hate against us into ‘high-gear’ is back in power as the most powerful leader on the planet – will he live to see SA being taken away from the SA black criminal ‘Revolutionary govt.’? Will he live to go on to a public world platform, humbling himself saying he is ‘sorry’ to the Afrikaner people? (people who ran a nation successfully where the SA currency was at one stage stronger than the US dollar; where even blacks had jobs, had money, had food, had functioning schools, could go to universities & colleges)

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