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    Nat Quinn
    The liver is probably the most important organ in the body.  The need to maintain the health of the liver is far more important. 
    The liver alone can protect the entire body as well as itself from the thousands of toxic substances to which we are continuously exposed.
    A healthy liver does the following functions:
    – it inactivates hormones no longer needed
    – it recombines (synthesizes) many amino acids in building tissues
    – it breaks proteins into sugar & fat when required for energy or eaten in excess
    – produces lecithin, cholesterol, bile, blood albumin (necessary to carry waste from the cells to the bladder and lungs), prothrombin (essential for clotting of the blood), innumerable enzymes & co-enzymes.
    – stores sugar into glycogen (storage sugar for future use), and reconverts it into sugar when needed
    – stores iron, copper, several trace minerals, vitamin A and to some extent D, E , K & B vitamins.
    – destroys harmful substances – histamine, detoxifies drugs, poisons, chemicals & toxins from bacterial infections
    A healthy liver is perhaps a main defence against cancer
    Liver damage
    Liver damage interferes with all those functions
    Cirrhosis – the liver becomes full of scars, circulation is impaired and haemorrhaging is a frequent cause of death – now common among social drinkers, overweight individuals, people harmed by drugs or chemicals and inadequate diets. 
    Soft drinks are a major cause of liver damage. Any toxic substance can harm the liver.
    When the liver is damaged, massive areas are replaced by scar tissue. The damage is far worse if calcium is low, phosphorous high and proteins undersupplied
    Scar tissues can be prevented and dissolved by adding generous amounts of Vitamin E to the diet. Vitamin E also decreases the need for oxygen and keeps many cells from dying when swelling and inflammation impairs circulation
    More saturated fats (from red meats, cheap refined sunflower oils, margarines, butter ghee) added to the diet, the more extensive the injuries become.
    A lack of choline (one of the B vitamins) in the diet, fats accumulate in the liver cells and causes them to become inflamed, engorged with fat that the flow of blood & lymph is pinched off. Cells become filled with fat and many actually burst. With no choline, scars replace most of the liver tissue, a condition comparable to cirrhosis
    Recovery from Liver damage:
    • Generous amounts of Vitamin E and sulphur containing amino acids added – damage can still be entirely prevented.
    • Addition of yeast alone (NOT Baker’s Yeast used for raising bread) can help injury from occurring. Seriously ill with cirrhosis, a high protein diet supplemented with a multivitamin and 2 tablespoons of yeast (Brewer’s yeast or Torula yeast) at each meal induced “rapid recoveries” in all including most advanced cases
    • Exposure to highly toxic substances (spray painting, garden poisons, taking medication, working with industrial poisons). The damage from such chemicals is greatest when nutrients are undersupplied – Vitamin C generously supplied, with vitamins A, E, Choline and sulfur containing amino acids, the liver is protected.
    • Choline is best sourced from supplements of lecithin, as choline is at times destroyed by intestinal bacteria. Vitamin B12 also needed for rapid recovery
    • Avoid low calorie diets, otherwise the supply of calories will come from the breakdown of proteins which in effect reduces the quantity of protein needed to build, protect and maintain the liver. In cases of severe stress, protein requirements are very high.
    • Avoid saturated fats – use unsaturated oils instead, including the essential fatty acids (Omega 3)
    The liver has metabolic pathways, which is a sequence of processes occurring in an orderly fashion that allows the liver to function. The following foods and supplements should be taken regularly to nourish the pathways and allow such processes to occur: 
    Liver Cleansing
    For a liver cleanse, like cleaning the “liver filter” and clearing out the muck inside the “liver filter”.
    A choice of 1 and more – Kale, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Spinach, Garlic, Nuts and seeds
    Anti Oxidants – Celery and Cucumber (best when juiced), strawberry, red grapes, citrus fruits, peppers (red, yellow and green), apples, onions (especially red onions),  maritime pine bark 
    Liver Function
    The liver produces the anti-oxidant Glutathione to detoxify and render toxins into harmless substances ready for elimination. 
    The liver needs to be provided with nutrients to be able to manufacture sufficient Glutathione so it can function optimally.
    Alcohol can deplete all the Glutathione reserves rendering the Liver unable to do its normal detoxing functions and removing toxins.
    Alcohol – has a “whip-lash” effect on the liver. 
    With the liver unable to function due to Alcohol, hormonal imbalances occur, insulin resistance, with the result of sexual dysfunction, thyroid problems,  skin problems – such as pimples, eczema,, etc, irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes in women at menopause, infertility, menstrual cramps
    When glutathione is depleted and the liver is unable to do its normal functions, the skin ends up taking on that task.
    The liver then starts to store Fat – a fatty liver to then become cirrhosis  
    The liver also produces the raw materials for the production of hormones. 
    Hormone Production
    The Liver also produces Cholesterol, the main raw material for the male and female sex hormones (Progesterone, Oestrogen, Testosterone)
    Cholesterol is also the raw materials for the anti-STRESS and anti-inflammatory hormone Cortisol and Adrenaline 
    Reduced production of Cholesterol by lowering cholesterol drugs (statins) can lower libido, and create hormonal imbalances leading to cancer, prostate enlargement and sexual dysfunction
    For proper Liver Function, take the following supplement herbs 
    Dandelion, Milk Thistle and Curcumin (derived from Tumeric – Manja)
    Vitamins – B Complex, A, C, and E – obtain natural B Vitamins from Nutritional Yeast
    Raw peanuts, peanut butter or peanut oil (NOT PROCESSED) – necessary before lecithin is produced in the liver. Lecithin is a key ingredient in reducing excessive blood fat and cholesterol.
    A balanced diet including 20% acid and 80% alkaline foods and free of junk  foods will allow the Liver to start the healing process and rebuild itself 
    If one is subject to overweight, had hepatitis or jaundice, worked with industrial chemicals, been an enthusiastic drinker or has taken large amounts of medication, one should take Liver Function Tests annually to determine the state of one’s liver. 
    TAKE ACTION TODAY – Visit my website Supa Boost Health and discover for yourself your options to better your health the natural way
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