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    Nat Quinn
    HCQ-Ivermectin are useless as a prophylactic because the virus has not been isolated by Koch’s Postulates and it does not exist other than a hoax.
    CV 19 was never isolated, purified–inoculated into test subjects and made sick. No pathogen was found anywhere in culture that makes anyone sick. This means there is no DNA sample of an isolated “virus”– the genome was faked and pieced together from DNA banks. So PCR could not be primed for the pathogen DNA to find it in people as a valid test–the tests are all fake.
    The criminal virologist, Prof. Christian Drosten of Germany with Dr. Corman in early 2020 prepared a fake study that claimed PCR could detect CV 19. That paper was reviewed by 22 scientists who found 10 fatal errors for false/positive results in the “Corman-Drosten Review” report. The scam was and is driven by PCR.
    “All scientists who think they are working with viruses in laboratories are actually working with typical particles of specific dying tissues or cells which were prepared in a special way.”
    Lanka, S. Dr. The Misconception Called “Virus”. January 2020. WissenchafftPlus Magazin. https://www.newbraveworld.o...
    Virology is a fake, junk science that has never isolated any virus. When they get the culture in the lab, they add Vero C6 cells, (monkey kidney cells) human fetal cell lines and sometimes bovine serum too. Then antibiotics are added which causes a cytopathic effect on the culture–they then claim the “virus” which they never isolated, did the damage to the cell lines when it was the drugs. Total quackery.
    Andrew Kaufman M.D. – The Rooster in the River of Rats … —
    Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD—Koch’s Postulates and Covid isolation studies.
    Authored by Steve Billiter
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