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    Nat Quinn
    Many years ago, while sitting at my desk and researching the Globalist Agenda, I realized that the world is at war, but many people were not aware of this fact. Then the idea to go out and ask people the question, “What is the first thing one must know in order to win a war?” came to mind. And so, I went out and asked many people this question. And the two answers I received were “You must know yourself first” and “You must know your enemy first”, both of which, although important to win a war, are incorrect. The correct answer, of course, is “You must know that you are in a war.”  And since most people, it seemed at the time, did not know they were in a war, they also could not know that they were in a holistic war. And for most people today this still seems to be the case. People are holistic beings, having four aspects to their being, viz. a physical aspect (their physical bodies), a psychological aspect (their minds), a social aspect (their relationships) and a spiritual aspect (their awareness of, and connection to, the Almighty Creator). The attack on almost everyone across the globe, including military personnel and civilians alike, is a holistic attack. An attack on all four aspects of our being. This war is being waged against the people of every nation on the planet by those who are implementing a plan to take over the world and destroy most of its people and to disempower and enslave the survivors. This Globalist Agenda is a totalitarian plan based on the diabolical religious philosophy of a certain group of people and diabolical non-human entities with which they work, to take over and control the entire world – every single country, every single nation on planet Earth, and to govern it from a single governance centre.
    The Globalist Agenda is an agenda for full-spectrum dominance of planet Earth. It refers to the complete control over every aspect of the “battlespace”, a military term referring to the planet. The plan is for the complete ownership and control of everything on its surface, below its surface and above its surface, including all plants, animals and people. That is, those that survive the depopulation (killing) aspect of this agenda. Technological advancements now make it possible for those whose plan it is to take over the world to not only monitor and control virtually everyone on the planet but also debris in space and the weather. There is evidence that surveillance technologies in the sky are tracking people, and their data from phone calls, e-mails, social media and other internet posts is being recorded by supercomputers. Even the brain frequencies of multitudes are being recorded and controlled by highly-advanced technologies. The quest to dominate every aspect of our lives, including our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavior, is in full swing. This control extends right down to the level of our genome. Brains, minds and bodies are being connected to a smart-grid infrastructure, the Internet of Bodies (aka the “Internet of Everything”) and reigned over electromagnetically. A global “Hive Mind” is in the making.
    Virtually all governments, transnational corporations, and international institutions such as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) and many others, are part of this plan to attack, enslave and exterminate humanity using a variety of weapons including biochemical and pharmacological weapons (targeted at the physical body and mind), neurological weapons (targeted specifically at the nervous system), information weapons (targeted at the mind), agricultural weapons (targeted at the food supply) and economic and financial weapons (targeted at the economic and financial well-being of individuals, communities and nations) amongst others. This war for full-spectrum dominance of the planet is being waged on all terrains and battlefields across the globe. It is being waged in all four corners of the earth and in all environments. No environment is spared, including the inner environment of the body, brain and mind. Indeed, even the very thoughts, feelings and emotions of people are being attacked, as alluded to. Even more disturbing is that the very nature of human beings is being changed using different technologies, including information technology (involves bits), neurotechnology (involves neurons), biotechnology (involves genes) and nanotechnology (involves atoms). In fact, the convergence of these technologies is the basis of Transhumanism or ‘Posthumanism’, the quest to take humans beyond being human. It is a quest to change what it means to be human.
    The term ‘Eugenics’ was changed in the 1950s to Transhumanism by Julian Huxley, founder of UNESCO, in order to make it more acceptable to the general public following WWII and Nazi Germany’s persecutory policies, including compulsory sterilization and the murder of institutionalized disabled people in their clandestine “euthanasia” program. So-called ‘Positive Eugenics’ involves an attempt to create superior human beings through genetic manipulation and selective breeding for those ruling the world, while ‘Negative Eugenics’ is the belief that the rest of the population are inferior and should be disempowered and eliminated. Transhumanism is thus the quest to disempower and depopulate (kill) most of the global population.
    Transhumanism, in essence, is Sub-humanism since it aims to turn people into something less than humans. Weak, unthinking, disempowered humans who are unable to defend themselves against a deadly onslaught.
    Although the attack on each aspect of our being is devastating, the attack on the mind is perhaps the most devastating because mind is the primary plane of causality. And causes produce effects. This is one of the Natural Laws, the Law of Cause and Effect. Every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause. Everything happens according to Law. And nothing escapes the Law. Now, the mind includes the spiritual heart. The physical heart contains a physical brain which thinks, and diseases of the spiritual heart such as arrogance, pride, hatred, jealousy, hypocrisy and others severely impair this ability to think clearly and critically. Information weapons such as television, are used to program the subconscious mind with beliefs which disadvantage and destroy the target.
    Subconscious beliefs are instructions as to what individuals should think and feel, how they should behave and how their lives should operate. Those who program people with beliefs they want them to hold, in essence, own the minds and lives of these victims. This powerful hold over them includes causing them to engage in self-destructive behavior. The Covid-19 Deception is perhaps the greatest psyop (psychological operation) in history where almost the entire global population was programmed with the false belief that a deadly virus was causing a pandemic across the world. This caused widespread panic and unquestioning obedience of most people to diabolical diktats such as the wearing of harmful face masks, social distancing and taking poisonous injections deceptively marketed as vaccines, resulting in the deaths of millions and injury of billions yet no one anywhere on the planet proved the existence of this claimed deadly virus!! This is the power of perception management, a major mind control strategy.
    So how does humanity survive this massive onslaught?  This massive attempt to wipe almost everyone off the planet?  Is ‘Edupowerment” the answer?
    What is Edupowerment?
    It is to educate and empower as the reader will no doubt have realized. The online free dictionary (thefreedictionary.com) provides the following definitions of ‘Educate’ and ‘Empower’:
    1.To develop the mental, moral, or social capabilities of, especially by schooling or instruction.
    2. To provide with knowledge or training in a particular area or for a particular     
    3. To provide with information, as in an effort to gain support for a position or to influence behavior. 
    4. To develop or refine (one’s taste or appreciation, for example).
    1. To invest with power, especially legal power or official authority. 
    2. To equip or supply with an ability; enable. 
    1. To give or delegate power or authority to; authorize.
    2. To give ability to; enable or permit.
    1. To give official or legal power or authority to.
    2. To endow with an ability; enable.
    Mainstream education institutions such as schools and universities do not educate but instead, indoctrinate, which, again according to the online free dictionary, means the following:
    1. To instruct in a body of doctrine or principles or belief
    2. To imbue with a partisan or ideological point of view. 
    1. To teach (a person or group of people) systematically to accept doctrines, 
         esp. uncritically.
    2. Rare to impart learning to; instruct.
    1. To instruct in a doctrine or ideology, esp. dogmatically.
    2. To teach or inculcate.
    3. To imbue with learning.
    4. To teach to accept a system of thought uncritically.
    Synonyms for ‘indoctrinate” include the following: brainwashschooltrainteachdrillinitiateinstructimbue, inculcate, propagandize.
    Edupowerment specifically includes reprogramming of the subconscious mind. To change the beliefs and perceptions held in this part of the mind, to enhance the emotional and cognitive minds and to heal the spiritual heart.
    Is edupowerment the solution to global totalitarianism and depopulation? Will the education and empowerment of most people on the planet defeat the globalist enslavement and extermination agenda?
    The answer to this question can be found in the answer to the numerous questions which can be posed pertaining to edupowerment and this agenda. Below are a few of these questions, specifically regarding Covid-19 and allopathic medicine:
    • ‘Would those who are edupowered have taken the poisonous covid injections?’ 
    • If those in positions of leadership and authority were edupowered would they have propagated the narrative that a virus called Sars-CoV2 was spreading across the world and causing a deadly disease called called Covid-19 despite there being no evidence for the existence of this claimed virus?’
    • If those in positions of leadership and authority were edupowered would they have promoted deadly bioweapons masquerading as vaccines and claimed to be developed for the protection against the claimed virus despite there being no long-term safety and efficacy data available for these claimed vaccines?’
    • Would the edupowered continue to risk their wellbeing and their very lives by continuing to sustain allopathic medicine, which is false, harmful and deadly medicine? Would they continue to patronize it? Continue to endorse it?’ Would the edupowered continue to legitimize those who regulate it and own and control it? After all, vaccines and synthetic pharmaceuticals are major weapons in the allopathic arsenal.
    The answer to all these questions, of course, is that they would not have or would not. Deception and indoctrination are the modus operandi of the beast. But deception can be penetrated, and indoctrination reversed.
    Now, although it is understandable that those who are not edupowered took the poisonous injections, propagated the unproven virus narrative, promoted the deadly covid bioweapon injections and legitimized, and continue to legitimize, those who regulate and own and control the false allopathic medicine-based ‘healthcare’ system, it is of serious concern when they lead healthcare and other organizations and influence multitudes. Edupowerment can remedy this situation.
    Coming back to vaccines, their purpose is to disempower, cause disease, depopulate and generate untold profits for those who develop and deploy them. Edupowerment enables awareness of this and prevents the use and promotion of these bioweapons deceptively masquerading as vaccines. Sadly though, more than 5 billion people received the covid injections, resulting in the death of millions and the injury to billions. And, tragically, infants and children are also being given these poisonous injections and adults continue to take them. And equally tragic, infants and children are still being given harmful and deadly ‘non-covid’ vaccines.
    Despite the massive damage caused by the rollout of the poisonous covid injections, the future will no doubt bring further fake pandemics requiring ‘vaccines’ since these are highly profitable for the diabolical minds running the world and gives them incredible control over nations. It is thus crucial that edupowerment is prioritized to prevent another global tragedy, not only from fake pandemics, but from all the other deadly plans the globalists are implementing and will implement in the future as they unfold their enslavement and extermination agenda.
    Edupowerment confers the ability to see beyond what seems obvious. This is where the truth can often be found. Edupowerment enables one to penetrate the deception of this world, and in the case of allopathic medicine, to see that it is pseudo-medicine. In fact, allopathic medicine is a major contributor to the global health crisis and vaccines, even before the deceptive covid-injections-masquerading-as-vaccines were rolled out, played, and continue to play, a major role in the causation of this crisis. The roll out of the covid poison injections has worsened the crisis exponentially. Edupowerment also confers knowledge of what real medicine is, besides knowledge of a ton of topics pertaining to the self and the world in which we live.
    Now we are not saying that edupowerment turns one into a perfect, infallible man or woman who can penetrate all deception at all times. But it certainly equips one with the knowledge, tools and skills to do what must be done as the deadly tentacles of the beast continue to, both rapidly and slowly, squeeze the life out of ever-increasing numbers of people every day. Edupowerment is the basis for what is required to solve the world’s problems and save it from complete destruction, in our view. Requirements such as knowledge of Natural Law and Divine Commandments and living with an understanding of, and in alignment with, them and exiting satanic globalist jurisdiction and operating in Divine Jurisdiction amongst others.
    In conclusion, it is important to re-iterate that we are in a holistic war. A war on the body, mind, relationships and spirit. Edupowerment enables the enhancement of self-awareness and spiritual development. Former CIA, DARPA and Harvard scientist and mind control specialist, Dr. Robert Duncan, explains in one of his publications that mind control weapons do not work well in those kinds of individuals “who have purified themselves from the 7 deadly sins”. Dr. Duncan is one of the developers of the voice-to-skull technology used in the Iraq war and subsequently blew the whistle when he learned that it was being used on Americans. But it is likely that it is not only Americans who are victims of this diabolical weapon. And of course, both Americans and everyone else are in the cross hairs of the many other deadly weapons deployed by the diabolical globalists. Virtually everyone on the planet is a Targeted Individual today. We would all do well to take heed of this fact.


    source:Will this save the world? – Dr Faiez Kirsten’s HWP Report (substack.com)

    Johann Schlebusch

    Great article Faiez! How I wish the content would go viral.

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