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    Nat Quinn
    World Affairs Brief, October 7, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
    Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel
    Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
    Notice: The audio version of this week’s brief will not be available until Saturday evening due to
    Andrew being out of town. His apologies for the delay.
    This Week’s Analysis:
    Putin’s Culture War with the West
    Ukraine War Update
    The Dark Side of the Biden Crime Family
    Evan McMullin and the Fraud of Being an “Independent”
    Covid/Vaccine Updates
    News Shorts
    Preparedness Tip: Camping
    As part of Vladimir Putin’s speech last week announcing the annexation of conquered areas in
    Ukraine, he also launched a verbal attack on the West slamming the corruption of traditional
    values including gender norms and called it a perversion of religion and outright Satanism. I’m
    not going to disagree with that, except to say that these opinions are held by a vocal minority
    bolstered by the conspiring establishment media, leftist public education, and globalist political
    leadership. Putin proceeded in his speech to pretend that he represents a higher moral and
    Christian standard, but as I will review today, Putin is at the head of one of Satan’s conspiratorial
    centers of power by representing Russia after the phony “Fall” of Communism (the other two are
    the Western globalists and the Chinese Communists). This speech is but the latest posturing by
    Putin pretending to be the champion of God, family, and traditional values in a fight against the
    Western globalists. As part of this strategy, Russia has been spending huge amounts of money on
    alternative news broadcasts in English with anti-globalist content and subtle pro-Russian
    propaganda catered to conservatives in the US to convince us that Putin is on our side. Nothing
    could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s all a continuation of the grand deception of the “fall”
    of Communism and conservatives in the US are falling for it hook line and sinker.  Both sides are
    attacking each other but only telling half of the story—the other side’s sins.
    Adam Salazar of gives this summary of Putin’s remarks:
    “Do we really want perversions that lead to degradation and extinction to be imposed on
    children in our schools from the primary grades?” Russian President Vladimir Putin
    slammed the West’s disruption of the nuclear family and morality, and its promotion of
    gender dysphoria as the works of Satan… Do we want to have, here, in our country, in
    Russia, instead of mom and dad there was “parent number one”, “number two”, “number
    three”… Do we really want perversions that lead to degradation and extinction to be
    imposed on children in our schools from the primary grades? To be drummed into them that
    there are supposedly other genders besides women and men, and to be offered a gender
    reassignment operation?
    Putin went on to say the West would like to forcefully impose this perversion of values on the
    rest of the world, thus carrying out the will of Satan.
    I repeat, the dictatorship of the Western elites is directed against all societies, including the
    peoples of the Western countries themselves. This is a challenge for everyone. Such a
    complete denial of man, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, the suppression of
    freedom acquires the features of a “reverse religion” – outright Satanism.
    I wish our own religious leaders had the courage to say these things, but hardly any religious
    leaders have the courage to fight the establishment woke propaganda. Still, Putin is being an
    absolute hypocrite in denouncing all these things, while covering for his own Satanic connection.
    He even claims to be a critic of Communism in interviews and far too many conservative believe
    him. Do they believe Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, or Joe Biden when they claim to be
    Putin heads one of the three satanic-inspired conspiracies hoping to control the world. Each one
    intends to destroy the Western culture and freedom that God helped inspire over the past 3
    centuries as they do so—the other two are our own Anglo-American Globalists and their Deep
    State enforcers, and the Chinese Communists and their internal enforcers.
    Only the Chinese are still openly embracing Communism, despite having played their own major
    deception pretending to “open” their markets to free enterprise—which they only did in part to
    gain massive economic improvements which have provided the money and technology (through
    theft) that have allowed the Chinese to build the largest offensive military building program since
    Russia took Communism underground when they faked the fall in 1989 and 1990, and I was one
    of only two political scientists in the world to document this grand deception, which Putin now
    leads. The late Christopher Storey of the UK was the other.
    No one is disputing that there was pent-up hatred of Soviet-imposed Communism throughout
    countries behind the iron curtain, but the “fall” of Communism was planned in advance (as
    defector Anatoliy Golitsyn documented), and engineered to gain Western aid and trade and fool
    the West into letting their guard down. Remember that historically, no dictatorship including
    communism has ever voluntarily given up power, no matter how bad things got—ever. And
    yet conservatives failed to detect this fraud. The globalists knew it was a fraud, but covered for it
    as part of their agenda to allow a future enemy to rise. Here is a summary of the evidence for the
    phony fall:
    1) Former East German dictator Erik Honecker admitted on his death bed that Moscow gave him
    orders to let the student protests go forward in Leipzig that started it all and to stand down the
    Stazi. Later he was ordered to allow the Berlin wall to be torn down—to let the protestors think
    they had “won.” Moscow also gave orders for all the Communist dictators in Eastern Europe to
    step down. Only Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania refused and had to be killed.
    2) Protestors in Red Square in Moscow in support of Boris Yeltsin (the pretended pro-Western
    reformer) were amazed that the KGB did not appear in force, unlike all former protests where
    protestors were beaten and arrested. They had been told to stand down. The television station
    broadcasting Yeltsin’s speech from atop the tank was still under Communist control, but they did
    not cut off the TV feed or air a pro-government counter-report, as they could have.
    3) The attempted KGB coup against Gorbachev at his undefended dacha supposedly failed—as if
    the vaunted KGB which had overthrown entire governments before was so incompetent!
    4) The heads of the KGB, GRU, and Defense Ministry were reported as “fleeing for their lives.”
    These men supposedly controlled the highest levels of military and police power in the entire
    Soviet Union. Who were they fleeing from? No one in the Western media bothered to even ask
    that question. In fact, all these top “leaders” including Gorbachev had been mid-level bureaucrats
    a couple of years prior to being elevated to their top positions. That means other more powerful
    people behind the scenes were selecting them and directing their actions.
    5) These secret top Communist leaders came out of hiding after the “fall” and became the new
    Oligarchs, the only ones who had the power to get the Russian State Bank to “loan” them the
    money to buy up Gazprom, the Oil companies, and media, to become super wealthy. Boris
    Berezovsky became the head of the new Commonwealth of Independent States—a euphemism
    for the remnants of the Soviet Union. Putin met with Berezovsky five times at his Spanish villa
    the year he ascended to the presidency, indicating that Boris Berezovsky was still the real behind-the-scenes leader in Russia (until Putin had him assassinated in London).
    While the West is leading the social movement toward moral degradation, Putin’s Russia is no
    paragon of moral virtue either, despite the country’s superficial adherence to Orthodox
    Catholicism, which was totally controlled during Soviet days and beyond.  Like most Catholic
    majorities around the world, few attend mass, and even fewer abide by the Christian doctrine of
    fidelity in marriage because of the ease at which confession and absolution of sins can be had.
    In pointing this out, I don’t mean to disparage the small minority of conservative Catholics who
    do live their religion and dislike the current Marxist/globalist Pope. In fact conservative Catholic
    commentators in the US have largely taken the lead in fighting against the transgender craze, and
    the dumbing down of genius and greatness by bashing white privilege at universities and
    promoting a false notion of equality of outcome in business and life.
    Russians may not allow the promotion of the woke agenda publicly, but few in Russia honestly
    champion the daily virtues Putin if falsely espousing. It has its own high levels of corruption.
    Russians have the highest rate of marriage infidelity and divorce in the world at around 80-90
    percent. Alcoholism is chronic at all levels of society. Drugs, prostitution, gangs, organized crime
    and even homosexuality exist everywhere in Russia, but especially in large cities. Homosexuality
    is just more open in the West. The underground Soviet criminal syndicates still control their own
    drug trade like they did before the fall, even though they used to target only the West with their
    drug imports—which the CIA took over during the Vietnam war and when Afghanistan fell
    under US control.
    I condemn the West’s leaders as much as I condemn Russian and Chinese leaders. They are all
    conspiring against liberty and are personally corrupt. In Putin’s speech, he flaunted the lies about
    who is to fault about the war in Ukraine and the recent annexation, claiming Ukraine started it,
    which is not true.
    The Russian president also issued a message to government officials in the Ukrainian capital
    of Kyiv, advising them to respect the results of the referendum and “cease fire.”
    Why should the West respect the results of a sham election, where all of the pro-Ukraine citizens
    of the Donbass (admittedly a minority) were driven out or taken to concentration camps inside
    Russia, and the remaining people were rousted out by soldiers to go to the polls and vote? That’s
    the only way you get 90-95% “yes” votes on any contentious issue.
    Even though the election was a fraud, in peacetime the vast majority of people in the Donbass
    would have voted to join Russia anyway, because they have traditionally viewed themselves as
    Russian. But many of those were turned off to Russia when Russian artillery gutted whole cities
    with artillery that were under siege.
    As I explained last week, the areas in Ukraine with a larger percentage of Russian-speakers were
    the result of Russian peasants being forcibly relocated there by the Soviets precisely to provide
    this excuse for a future invasion to “save” them–just as they forced hundreds of thousands of
    Russians to emigrate to the Baltic States, which will also someday be invaded. Why should the
    West reward Putin for the devious Soviet tactic of putting these Russians into the borders of
    Ukraine so he could someday justify invading to “protect them?” Putin continued:
    We call on the Kyiv regime to immediately cease fire, all hostilities, the war that it unleashed
    back in 2014, and return to the negotiating table… But we will not discuss the choice of the
    people in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson.
    That position leaves nothing to negotiate except accepting Russia’s aggression. I trust my readers
    can see the lie in this. Russia did the stealth invasion of the Donbass after mounting the stealth
    insurrection in Crimea, and started attacking Ukraine’s military forces. Remember, this came on
    the heels of the phony Maidan Coup in 2014 where the pro-Communist president made it look
    like the protestors won (standing down the riot police forces) so that a phony pro-Western leader
    (Pietro Poroshenko) could be elected, who then provoked the Russian speaking Donbass into
    Then the Russians used the Ukrainian military response to Russian stealth attacks in Donbass to
    claim Ukraine was attacking unprovoked, which was not true. Now that the Russians are slowly
    losing the war, they want a “cease fire” based on the same pretense they used to start the
    war—protecting the will of the Russian people in Ukraine.
    Elsewhere in his speech Friday, Putin characterized the Nord Stream pipeline explosion as
    “sabotage” which I believe is true. But that doesn’t mean that Putin was innocent either. He was
    using Russian gas to leverage concessions out of Europe. Putin said,
    But sanctions are not enough for the Anglo-Saxons, they have switched to sabotage –
    unbelievable, but true – having organized explosions on the international gas pipelines of the
    Nord Stream.
    As I explained last week, I believe secret Western forces did this because the Germans and others
    were softening about sanctions and would have given in to Russia and removed the
    sanctions—so the Deep State blew up the pipelines to remove Russia’s leverage. This week, US
    Secretary of State Blinken revealed another perverse motive, quoted at
    Tuesday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said it would be “in no one’s interest,” but
    then added that the situation represents “a very significant opportunity” for the EU to
    “finally end” its dependence on Russian gas and “accelerate the transition to renewables.”
    In other words, force the Germans and others to rely on more solar and wind power by cutting off
    their supply of Russian gas. RT also commented on the threats to the Turkstream pipeline:
    If the TurkStream natural gas pipeline is damaged, [always under seismic threat] its operator
    won’t be able to mount repairs because the Dutch government has revoked a key license due
    to EU sanctions against Russia… TurkStream is the last remaining pipeline for Russian
    natural gas to reach the EU. The Yamal pipeline through Poland was shut off in May, due to
    Russian counter-sanctions against Warsaw, while Gazprom halted deliveries through
    Ukraine on September 27.
    There are two sides to the Russian gas pipeline issue: 1) the issue of European dependency on a
    gas supply from a sworn enemy of the West that would inevitably be used as an economic
    weapon against the West and 2) the conspirators of the West trying to force a “great reset” upon
    the Western world purposely sabotaging the line prior to winter to force Western Europeans to
    accede to manipulated economic shortages and false solutions—knowing full well that restarting
    all the nuclear plants in Europe could solve the energy shortages.
    In short, there are no good guys in this conflict, only competing evil sources along with naive and
    unknowledgeable people in the middle who are going to suffer. Nothing is black and white
    anymore, so be prepared to learn and remember the most difficult subject of all—the multiple
    conspiracies to destroy freedom, sovereignty and free markets, and the 3 great centers of
    conspiratorial power to create a tyrannical New World Order: Western globalists, Russia, and
    Libertarians might complain about how people should be free to buy products from anywhere in
    the world they want, but in reality, we don’t want to be patronizing our enemy or facilitating the
    demise of the core internal industries of a nation that will be relied upon when war inevitably
    Lastly, Putin called out the war crimes of Western leaders, once again acting the hypocrite by
    denying his own war crimes in Ukraine, where whole cities have been destroyed, including
    purely civilian apartment buildings, hospitals and schools.
    “The United States is the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons twice,
    destroying the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [This display of power wasn’t
    necessary—they could have given a demonstration of its power out in Tokyo bay for example
    or on a strictly military target] By the way, they set a precedent. [which Putin will use in the
    same pernicious way]
    Let me also remind you that the United States, together with the British, turned Dresden,
    Hamburg, Cologne and many other German cities into ruins without any military necessity
    during World War II. And this was done defiantly, without any military necessity. There was
    only one goal: just as in the case of the nuclear bombings in Japan, to intimidate both our
    country and the whole world.”
    Yes, I’ve complained about this for years too, but this isn’t even a comprehensive list of Western
    war-crimes in WWII, some of which implicate communist Russia, like the British betrayal of
    entire armies of white Russians who fought against Stalin in WWII that were imprisoned and
    sent back into Stalin’s Russia after the war, as well as millions of slavic people who had fled
    Russia to the West that were forcibly returned in “Operation Keelhaul” implemented by Dwight
    D. Eisenhower (who also starved over a million German prisoners in his custody at the end of the
    war, the subject of a book entitled “Other Losses”).
    These were war crimes precisely because of how Russia treated these forced returnees—sending
    them all to the Gulags to be worked to death. Putin also fails to mention the over 8,000 American
    and British soldiers “liberated” from prison camps in Germany by the Russians, that were held
    hostage to make sure Eisenhower went through with Operation Keelhaul. Even when Eisenhower
    complied, the Russians never returned these American and British soldiers and the US covered it
    up—a great evil on both sides.
    The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to take back territory from the Russian occupation zones
    in the North, East and South, proving that the huge Ukrainian counteroffensive that liberated
    Kharkiv and hundreds of miles in the North was not just a fluke. Ukrainian forces moved deeper
    into the northern Donbass region capturing the logistic hub of Lyman, according to Reuters:
    Ukraine on Sunday claimed full control of the eastern logistics hub of Lyman, Kyiv’s most
    significant battlefield gain in weeks, providing a potential staging post for further attacks to
    the east while heaping further pressure on the Kremlin.
    At Sky News, Research fellow at RUSI, Ed Arnold discusses how Ukrainian forces are making
    slow inroads all along the Russian front from north to south. The Daily Mail also reported that
    things are not going well with the unwilling conscripts the Russians pressed into service recently:
    Russian conscripts are in revolt after being treated like ‘cattle’ and given ‘no training’ as they
    head to the war in Ukraine. A video shows the men publicly complaining about their
    treatment in ‘brutal, absolutely appalling conditions’ after they were mobilised by Vladimir
    The shocking footage from Belgorod is just the latest evidence of the total chaos over the
    Russian call-up of reservists that has left even Kremlin cheerleaders in despair. They said
    500 of them have not even been registered to a military unit. Their weapons and ammunition
    are not even assigned.
    The Ukrainians have suffered losses in these counter offensives, but not as bad as the Russians.
    Here’s the latest estimates of tanks and vehicles destroyed in the latest offensives:
    The Armed Forces of Ukraine collected more than a thousand units of trophy equipment and
    weapons, abandoned by the Russian troops during the retreat [in the North]. Over 400 tanks,
    700 armored vehicles and 170 artillery systems of various types left Russians during retreat
    in the Eastern Group
    Will Russia Resort to Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?
    Rumors of a nuclear weapons convoy leaving Russia for Ukraine have sparked fears that Putin is
    intending to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine to show that his nuclear threat is no bluff. I
    don’t give much credit to the reports, that come with a picture of a huge road-mobile missile
    carrier because it is clearly not a tactical nuke, which are integrated into smaller rockets or
    artillery shells, only distinguishable from conventional warheads by a color marking and label.
    Without giving any real evidence, the UK Telegraph put out this hype:
    Nuclear weapons convoy sparks fears Putin could be preparing test to send ‘signal to the
    West’. Train operated by secretive nuclear division spotted in central Russia heading
    towards the front line in Ukraine
    Even Tucker Carlson got caught up in the nuclear hype and put out this video with all kinds of
    false claims about nuclear war causing total destruction in the world, which is very uniformed.
    Among many other problematic statements, he said (after showing a sign on a big city bus
    advising people to take shelter in a nuclear event), “If you live in a major metro area, there isn’t
    anything your going to DO in a nuclear exchange, because you’re going to be DEAD.” This is
    wrong. Besides the fact that neither the Russians or Chinese intend to hit cities in a first strike
    (only military targets) about half of the people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki survived a direct
    nuclear blast. Yes, there are more powerful weapons since then, but the most common size still
    won’t wipe out a whole city, even if they target those.
    Few people will die immediately outside the blast area (about a 10 mile circle) except by
    exposure to radiation, which only affects those without shelter and downwind of the blast. And
    forget about the doomsday claims of a nuclear winter from mushroom clouds blackening the
    sky—that’s largely short lived as well. Air bursts don’t put large amounts of radioactive dust in
    the air and most of that descends as it makes its way East, especially as it rains. Most fallout will
    stop being seriously radioactive after about 3 weeks (though trace amounts of long-lasting
    radioactive particles will persist in very small quantities). Bottom line is that you still need a
    shelter with at least a foot of concrete overhead to provide radiation protection for those 3 weeks
    when fallout is present. Fallout is relatively easy to survive if you prepare in advance. My two
    books, The Secure Home and the High Security Shelter book give you all the do-it-yourself
    details to prepare an in-home shelter.
    Most conservatives know about all the financial and moral shenanigans of Hunter Biden in
    Ukraine and Red China, as well as his laptop expose, and how the establishment has covered up
    for him—proof that he has special immunity by being an “asset” of the Deep State. reports that Joe Biden had another “hot mike” mishap where he was caught
    saying to a Florida voter as he visited the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, “Nobody [F-words] With A
    Bidens” giving America a big hint that the Bidens have this unsaid immunity by being part of the
    Deep State, just like someone who is part of the Mafia. “That’s [expletive] right,” the man said in
    response to Joe’s comment.
    Conservative commentator Benny Johnson noted that, “While there is little context regarding
    the remark, it is not new for Joe to act as if he were a macho man. Biden sounded like a
    Mafia member. The analogy even goes further because of Jill Biden’s Italian Mafia heritage:
    Joe Biden:”I may be Irish but I’m not stupid. I married Dominic Giacoppo’s daughter
    (referencing the Sicilian name of Jill Biden’s father)”
    In August, The New Yorker ran a massive piece titled, “The Untold History of the Biden
    Family,” that revealed more mob connections. According to the article, Joe Biden’s father
    was not the working class “Joe,” that the media has portrayed.
    In fact, the paper reported Joe Biden Sr.’s close business partner Arthur Briscoe was
    “mobbed up,” which may be why Joe grew up living in a mansion during his younger days.
    Frank Sheeran, known as “The Irishman” was a labor union boss and enforcer for Jimmy
    Hoffa who allegedly helped get Joe Biden elected during his first run for Senate in the 70s.According to the book, I Heard You Paint Houses, the Mafia-connected Sheeran helped
    Biden get elected because he was more pro-union than his GOP competitor at the time.
    Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a person who knows a great deal about the Italian
    Mafia, has previously compared the shady business deals of the Bidens to mob crime
    syndicates. “This is a 30 year long criminal enterprise in which Biden uses his relatives to
    shake people down for money. They hold the money and then they pay for Joe’s expenses and
    they give him extra money,” he added.
    Giuliani explained this was how Joe could “afford these very, very elaborate mansion-type
    houses on the limited salary of a senator and teacher. No one’s ever known that. Well, now
    we know the answer to it.”
    Of course, Giuliani is Deep State himself (part of 9/11) but since he’s playing like he is on the
    Republican side, I guess he doesn’t have qualms about exposing Biden. Biden also spends a lot
    of his time at his two homes in Delaware. When conservatives put in an FOIA request to the
    Secret Service for a log of who visits Biden on weekends, they claim there is no longer a log.
    There is always a log. Obviously, the government is hiding the identity of who visits Biden
    regularly, which would be his handlers—the people who control and direct puppet presidents.
    Fox News reports:
    The New York Post reported that it requested the information about who visited the president
    at his Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach homes as part of the Freedom of Information Act but
    had its appeal denied. The U.S. Secret Service insisted that no records exist of who President
    Biden has met with at his Delaware residences during his presidency, according to a report
    Biden has spent about 200 days of his presidency in Delaware, according to reports. There were
    other instances of Biden being protected from his illicit dealings:
    In April 2020, Business Insider reported that Biden’s campaign dispatched operatives to the
    University of Delaware’s library in the past year to rifle through his secretive Senate records
    there, raising the possibility they accessed documents related to Tara Reade’s accusation that
    Biden sexually assaulted her when she worked for him in 1993.
    The State of Utah is the subject of a concerted effort by Democrats, RINO Republicans and the
    Deep State to undermine its solid “Red State” position, as Molly Hemingway of The Federalist
    If Democrats could pull off an upset in Utah, it would have profound consequences for the
    control of the Senate — and the rest of the country.
    It doesn’t help that the State has already accepted and installed a compromising RINO
    Republican in Mitt Romney as one of its senators, who has refused to endorse Mike Lee. Now
    the entire establishment is going after Mike Lee, a weak but solid conservative most of the time
    (except when he’s taking money from Big Tech firms in California).
    Republican senators are growing concerned by colleague Mitt Romney’s refusal to help
    fellow Utah Republican Mike Lee decisively win his re-election campaign — a posture that
    could potentially keep their party from gaining a majority in the November elections. Unlike
    every other Republican senator, the 2012 failed Republican presidential candidate is
    declining to express a preference in Republican Lee’s re-election effort against
    Democrat-endorsed Evan McMullin.
    McMullin is claiming to be an “independent” but that’s a lie. He’s bought and paid for by
    establishment and anti-conservative PACs.
    Both moderate and conservative senators confirmed the grumbling in the conference. “We
    should not have to be worried about Utah in any way. I don’t know what he [Romney] thinks
    he’s doing, but it’s not going over well, particularly with the [senators] who are up for
    chairmanships,” said another Republican senator.
    A new poll from Deseret News and the Hinckley Institute of Politics claims McMullin is only
    2 percentage points behind Lee, with a full 16 percent of respondents unsure who they will
    vote for. The poll [Hinckley institute is a rabid Democratic partisan] is admittedly somewhat
    difficult to believe, and not just because it was conducted by a pollster with a history of
    dramatically overstating the electoral appeal of McMullin. The group’s final 2016 poll, for
    example, showed McMullin losing Utah’s presidential contest by only 2 points to Donald
    Trump. The final result was that Trump bested McMullin, who actually came in third behind
    Hillary Clinton, by 25 points.
    In February, The Washington Post stated the obvious: Romney refusing to endorse fellow
    Republican Lee would be a “boon” for McMullin and would make it much “harder for Lee
    to consolidate the votes of moderate Republicans.”
    There’s another interesting article that focuses on McMullin’s claim to have been someone
    important in the CIA. Quin Hillyer of the Washington Examiner addresses this exaggeration:
    Evan McMullin, the “independent” Senate candidate from Utah, is the same charlatan who
    made a weird 2016 run for the White House. Now he is amply confirming that the doubts
    raised about him back then were correct. Running against the solidly
    constitutional-conservative incumbent, Republican Mike Lee, McMullin this month
    shamelessly tried to monetize the anniversary of 9/11 by overselling his work in the CIA.
    It’s worth reading Dan McLaughlin’s brutally accurate takedown of McMullin at National
    Review Online, which portrayed him as a “shape-shifting” phony. McMullin has now fudged
    his prior positions and/or abandoned conservatism entirely on abortion, guns, the Supreme
    Court, a border wall, critical race theory, and healthcare.
    Despite supposedly being an astute intelligence analyst, McMullin has embraced the
    outlandish claim that former President Donald Trump is an intelligence asset of Russia and
    has been since 1987 — four years before the Soviet Union collapsed.McMullin has raked in
    hundreds of thousands of dollars by consulting and lobbying since his 2016 race.
    All the while criticizing Lee for accepting a long list of corporate donations. McMullin never
    tells who is bankrolling his campaign.
    His “I was CIA” fundraising appeal includes the bold assertion that Lee was putting
    “special interests above American democracy” — at the exact same time McMullin himself
    accepts direct donations from top lobbyists, including those whose firms represent top
    pharmaceutical, tobacco, oil, and health-insurance companies, among others. There’s
    nothing inherently wrong with accepting such donations, but the hypocrisy of doing so while
    accusing one’s opponent of “special interest” ties is just over-the-top stupid.
    He has also advertised using his onetime job as an analyst for the CIA. Earlier this month, he
    was at it again: “Following 9/11,” read his email fundraising solicitation on Sept. 12, “Evan
    served in the CIA in the most dangerous place on Earth because it was the best way he knew
    how to defend American democracy.”
    There is some dispute about the CIA service that McMullin so regularly holds up as a
    political prop. Several people with whom he worked vouch for him, but several others who
    served in the same region as McMullin said they had “never heard” of him or that “his
    career as he professes it to be just doesn’t make any sense.”
    And then there’s the issue of McMullin’s Instant Family which he uses to appeal to Utah’s
    Mormon base. The pro-McMullin Deseret News paints over this controversy:
    “Evan is over 40 years old and is not married and doesn’t even have a girlfriend,” the ad
    targeting about 200,000 Utah residents said, among other things. McMullin said then that he
    was aware that people in Utah wondered why he was not married given the importance his
    church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, places on marriage. He also said
    his greatest aspiration was to be a husband and father. McMullin married Emily Norton, a
    mother of three boys and two girls — Logan, 15, Gavin, 12, Colin, 9, and 7-year-old twins
    Brynlee and Maylee — whose husband died of brain cancer in 2016.
    They fail to mention the suspicion that his very recent marriage was largely a political move.
    This leads to the next subject of how even globalist moneyman Bill Gates is funding RINO
    Republicans to make sure that if Republicans gain control of the House, the globalists will be
    well represented. The Gateway Pundit has all the research:
    Many people within the United States are hoping for a Republican takeover of Congress in
    2022, and in a much better position after ousting RINOs like Liz Cheney and Adam
    But they never ask who put traitor Liz Cheney into leadership in the first place. It was Kevin
    McCarthy who is still in the top spot!
    Cheney was replaced in 2021 by New York Republican Representative Elise Stefanik.Stefanik had the backing of many within the ‘MAGA’ movement. She was even endorsed by
    Donald Trump. He hosted a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for her back in January.
    Upon investigation of published federal campaign finance data, Launch Liberty has
    discovered that Stefanik has taken a lot of money from Bill Gates. In fact, Gates has been
    funding Stefanik for a number of years. As Stefanik ascended through the Republican Party,
    Bill Gates began to donate to her re-election campaigns. Now she has a real chance at
    possibly becoming Speaker of the House.
    Gates has purchased a massive piece of the 2022 Republican Ticket. There are so many
    Republicans that have received money from Gates for this 2022 election cycle that I found it
    necessary to list them, by State, later on in this article [see link above].
    For starters, Gates funded the campaign of Dan Crenshaw, South Carolina Senator Lindsey
    Graham, Republican WHIP in the Senate, John Thune. Florida Senator Marco Rubio also
    received money from Gates for this cycle. Senate Republican, John Barrasso, who serves as
    the Conference Chair, also received money from Gates. That means Gates has donated to
    two of the three most powerful Republicans in the Senate.
    The billionaire also donated to most of the Senate Democrat leadership.
    Gates is clearly trying to control leadership on both sides of the isle.
    Even though most of the tyrannical world has dropped their vaccine mandates and quarantine
    rules (including Australia and Canada, two of the worst) the establishment keeps hinting that they
    are ready to reintroduce restrictions at the hint of a “new variant” or uptick in Covid cases.
    Michael Snyder reported,
    Dr. Anthony Fauci is keeping the scamdemic fear high, saying another variant could emerge
    this winter. The United States head medical tyrant said Tuesday that “we should not be
    surprised” if a new COVID-19 variant emerges this winter… “we should anticipate that we
    very well may get another variant that would emerge that would elude the immune response
    that we’ve gotten from infection and/or from vaccination”
    Face masks and social distancing are already returning to hospitals in England which always
    seem to have a “health reason” to return to draconian measures. But hospital workers who used
    to fear for their jobs by speaking critically of policies and protocols seem now more willing to
    expose the evils they saw during the mandates on emergency orders. The Epoch Times has the
    story. Here are excerpts.
    Now, as the dust has settled, more physicians and nurses have come forward to speak about
    the unethical and erroneous treatment protocols that occurred–and are still occurring–inside
    Despite differing experiences and roles, these healthcare professionals all have basically the
    same story–that hospital administrators knowingly enforced COVID-19 protocols set for
    them by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of
    Health (NIH). Those included treating patients with the medication remdesivir that harmed
    and sometimes led to a patient’s death as well as putting patients on ventilators, both of
    which came with hefty reimbursements while other more effective treatments were
    forbidden…[because of] pre-set treatment plans.
    Sometimes that plan comes with pre-checked boxes of certain drugs to be used, thereby
    sending that nurse down a treatment path. In the case of COVID patients, remdesivir or a
    type of steroid would be pre-checked, for example, but never hydroxychloroquine and
    ivermectin, medicines found to be effective by some clinicians. Rules also didn’t allow
    pharmacies to approve treatment medicines outside the protocol.
    Another nurse who still works at a North Carolina hospital and requested not to be named
    for fear of losing her job or career reputation said that the remdesivir protocol was an
    immediate red flag, because of her previous experience working with Ebola patients who
    after being given remdesivir experienced liver and kidney failure.
    Since the beginning of the introduction of the dangerous and rushed Covid mRNA vaccine,
    hospitals and doctors have been discouraged from doing autopsies to determine if the vaccine
    caused a death. The FDA is still withholding results of autopsies that were done, for that very
    reason, according to the Epoch Times.
    The FDA says it is barred from releasing medical files, but a drug safety advocate says that it
    could release the autopsies with personal information redacted. [Which the FDA refuses to do.]
    Biden’s Oil Problem: The Saudis have aligned themselves with Russia and decided to cut
    production by 2 million barrels a day in order to help defeat Biden’s ploy to get prices lower prior
    to the mid-term elections. Biden had asked them to raise production. Biden, rather than accede to
    oil company requests that the US stop restricting oil production, has decided instead to tap the
    strategic petroleum reserve for another 10 million barrels. The reserve is now down to a little
    over 400 million barrels oil, less than half of what Biden started with.
    Police in UK Enforcing the Woke Agenda: A Catholic mother of five in the UK is making
    headlines after police arrested her in front of her children and apparently seized her computer
    following alleged ‘offensive’ online posts concerning transgender issues, which she didn’t
    actually post. [News Wars] Without her computer her homeschooling duties will be hampered.
    Transgender Mania Facilitated by Professionals: Too many medical “professionals” are
    facilitating transgender hormone therapy and surgery without warning of the physical side effects
    and the emotion trauma, according to this excellent article by the Heritage Foundation. It seems
    that political correctness demands that all these doctors and mental health professionals don’t
    dare try to talk patients out of these life-altering and damaging procedures.
    But two Vermont high school girls did what few of their peers have dared–When a biological
    boy who identifies as a transgender girl entered their locker room, they asked that student to
    leave. Now, the Randolph, Vermont-based Randolph Union High School told the community
    in a Sept. 23 email that it is “launching a harassment investigation” —apparently into the
    girls’ conduct rather than the 14-year-old trans-identify student’s behavior! [Daily Signal]
    If even a small percentage of these educators and medical people would object to this mania the
    frenetic pace of social distortion in America would slow down. As it is, it is accelerating fast!
    Insurance Companies Going Broke over Hurrican Ian: A sixth property insurer has claimed
    to be insolvent after Hurricane Ian [Tallahassee Reports].
    Hurricane Ian Blamed on Global Warming: The Daily Signal writes about how major storms
    are ever more consistently used to push the global warming narrative by mainstream news media:
    Corporate media outlets like ABC, The Washington Post, and others ran with headlines
    suggesting that we got Hurricane Ian and other big, recent hurricanes because of
    man-caused climate change. ABC rolled with the headline, “Here’s how climate change
    intensifies hurricanes.” The Washington Post went with “How climate change is rapidly
    fueling super hurricanes.”
    But is any of it true? Are fossil fuels and climate change really causing more and larger
    hurricanes? Evidence suggests that the narrative about an increase in deadly hurricanes is
    more a media creation than anything else. In fact, it appears that there has been a slight
    decline in major hurricanes making landfall in the United States in the past century.
    Government Disinformation Board Still at it:
    Despite shutting down its “Disinformation Governance Board” after First Amendment
    violation concerns, the United States (US) Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is still
    handing out millions in grants in order to combat “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and
    “conspiracy theories.”
    The DHS has previously claimed that online misinformation is a terror threat and these
    grants were made in a similar vein and doled out as part of a “Targeted Violence and
    Terrorism Prevention Grant Program.”
    In total, over $3 million of taxpayer money was handed over to universities, think tanks, and
    nonprofits who will use the money to fund projects that fight what they deem to be
    misinformation and disinformation. [News Wars]
    Germany Building New Liquified Natural Gas Facilities: In response to the destruction of the
    Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines, as I predicted, Germany would rather build huge and expensive
    LNG facilities rather than restart their nuclear plants.
    Germany’s most strategically important building site is at the end of a windswept pier on the
    North Sea coast, where workers are assembling the country’s first terminal for the import of
    liquefied natural gas (LNG). []
    The Case Against Fluoride:Steve Kirsch put out a comprehensive but short article on the
    dangers of drinking fluoridated water. See the link above for the entire article.
    We’ve been fluoridating water since the 1950’s. The science is similar to vaccines: they
    simply forgot to do the all-cause mortality and morbidity studies showing the benefits
    outweigh the harms. I ended up with a copy of “The Case against Fluoride: How
    Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful
    Politics That Keep It There.”
    Trials began in 1945. It was approved in 1950, before any trials were completed and any
    comprehensive studies were published. Watch the movie “The fluoride deception” (just 28
    Camping is an excellent way to test a huge range of self-sufficiency skills. It is a way to take a
    break from the modern conveniences around us and have fun doing so. Just as visiting a national
    park is so much more impressive than viewing a postcard, staying a few nights in nice areas can
    bring a much greater experience than just living at home or staying in a hotel. Camping lets you
    enjoy the full experience of living near a lake, in lush forests, in majestic mountains, or in a
    meadow. The depth of enjoyment in the great outdoors grows as you expand your knowledge,
    skill and abilities of what it takes to be comfortable in the raw resources of nature, and these
    skills can be a valuable foundation for self-sufficient living when you add in modern technology.
    There are many ways to camp—from so-called “glamping” in cabins or RVs to just minimalist
    survival. I recommend engaging in the form that works for you, but take the opportunity to
    expand your skills at the same time. Here are some ideas.
    Car Camping: There are thousands of campgrounds all over the country just waiting for you to
    pull up and set up camp (some of the popular ones must be reserved in advance, but almost all
    have sites on a first-come, first-serve basis). For a modest fee you get a parking spot, a tent site
    and access to clean running water and bathrooms. The amenities vary widely from some KOAs
    with swimming pools and hot-water showers down to sites with basic pit toilets and a community
    cold water spigot. Expect to get by with just clean water and bathrooms. After a few times, you
    will find it easy to throw the basics into the back of the car and head out for a weekend. When
    you do, try to practice new skills like fishing, fire-building, cooking over coals, cleaning up and
    maintaining hygiene. Roughing it, helps us all appreciate utilities and conveniences that we take
    for granted and reminds us what is most valuable and how to focus and prioritize our
    preparedness efforts.
    Backpacking: When you leave behind the convenience of your vehicle to spend an overnight or
    more on foot you really have to sharpen your skills to eliminate any extra weight. Water weighs a
    lot so it pays to collect and purify it from streams along the way. Food also adds weight and bulk
    so anything you can live off the land makes for an easier time and lets you stay out longer. This
    kind of camping also builds physical fitness and makes you hone your equipment. It also opens
    up access to untouched parts of natural beauty that are hard to reach otherwise.
    Winter Camping: Camping during the summer is pleasant, but you don’t have to give up on
    camping when it gets cold or wet. This is another opportunity to improve your skills to learn how
    to keep your tent or other shelter warm and dry against the elements. Learning to shed water
    away from a tent in the rain or digging a snow cave in the winter are very valuable lessons.
    Primitive Skills Camps: In the 1960s a group of professors at BYU in Utah started teaching
    their students about the lifestyles of primitive cultures by living for a month with only that level
    of technology. This drew others who were interested and eventually annual gatherings became
    popular centered around the forgotten skills of the 18th and 19th centuries. Every year avid
    enthusiasts gather for week-long campouts to employ and share their skills in large camps. The
    focus of the groups varies but you will typically find people in pioneer dresses and buckskin garb
    around a big fire pit, living out of teepees and canvas tents (usually with modern tents and camp
    trailers nearby). They typically share at least one meal together, and attendees pay to attend
    unless they can offer enough skills to be instructors.
    Classes are varied and interesting, with hands-on skills from everything from basic bushwacking
    to advanced mountain-man skills or pioneer-era vocations. They teach each other blacksmithing
    skills, how to weave baskets, make ropes, wash with old-fashioned equipment, turn rocks and
    sticks into arrows with arrowheads, smoke meat, tan hides, make moccasins, and how to knit and
    sew—to name but a few. There are usually so many classes taught that it is impossible to attend
    them all.
    At night they pull out instruments of all kinds and sing and have group dances near the campfire.
    This may sound boring compared to fast-paced TV shows and popcorn movie theaters, but the
    live music from a banjo and fiddle when to put to dance under the direction of a good “caller”—a
    person who calls out each dance step—is lively, uplifting and wholesome. The dances bring a
    friendly cohesiveness as you dance in synchrony and have fun together as a large group.
    The most popular rendevous of this kind is still the offshoot from the original gathering started
    by college professors from BYU—the Rabbitstick Primitive Skills Conference in Rexburg, ID in
    September. Tickets always sell out very quickly after registration opens in late February. This
    year they went for $425 per adult, with discounts for youth and kids. You can look for a
    “Mountain Man Rendevous” in your states, or come to a good one in Green River UT at the
    second weekend in July. The earliest camp of the year is Winter Count in AZ in February. There
    are many more, most of which occur in or around the Rocky Mountains.
    Some camps and groups are hard to find except by word-of-mouth. With their focus on primitive
    skills, many groups do not have good websites. Every camp and group has a different flavor,
    including some that are less family-friendly. The pictures of past events can tell you a lot about
    what to expect. Be prepared for dedicated enthusiasm for a bygone era which can attract strange
    characters but almost everyone is friendly, helpful and willing to share what they love.
    One of the most authentic camps that is especially family-friendly is the “Little School on the
    Prairie” as inspired by the series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. All the attendees are
    encouraged to wear clothes similar to the 1800s era and the instructors and participants focus on
    teaching from the skills described in the books and helping families live the wholesome life
    described in the books. Instead of an open registration, the Prairie School organizers ask
    prospective attendees to tell a little about themselves, with a priority given to families with the
    same mindset. Held during the school year in the early part of October, it favors homeschooling
    families, some of which are better behaved. It is like going to Gettysburg only you get to dress up
    and participate as a family camp.
    Most of us can’t afford a cabin in the most beautiful natural scenery around, but we can still
    enjoy living there, if just for a few nights at a time—if you are willing to camp. Formal campsites
    abound all over the US and elsewhere and as your skills improve you can camp on public lands
    far away from crowds for much less—as long as you can live without utilities.
    If you haven’t explored the benefits of camping in the great outdoors, take some time to get out
    and enjoy some of the many, many options. There are many valuable experiences to be gained
    and the equipment is nearly all valuable for use in bug out bags or to form the backbone of your
    72 hour kit, especially backpacking equipment. Avoid the trappings of modern-day “glamping”
    that brings modern conveniences with use and instead use these opportunities to expand your
    abilities with practical equipment. Push yourself to do more than just cook hot dogs and smores
    on a stick, such as learning to boil water and cook over an open fire amid a whole range of other
    skills that make the most of what is around you. The experience and the memories last a lifetime.
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