1. WOW -This brings back some good memories. Since my early days in the Bank I was interested in computers.
    I started on the internet with Windows 3.1 and Internet Explorer 2 and a search engin called Southern Lights in 1995.Shortly afterwards I bought a new PC (MMX) with Windows 95 on it which I upgrade to WIN 95-ORS2B. In those years Newsgroups was the in-thing. ZMAG was a popular website to download software as well as TWO-COWS. NO CD-ROM’s, No USB Ports – everything was done with stiffies. I had boxes full of these stiffies still somewhere. Before stiffies,there was floppies. To load windows on a PC there was a box with 52 stiffies in. It was also later the “BIG FIGHT” between Microsoft and NETSCAPE over internet browsers. To get onto the internet you had to “dial-up” via a modem to your ISP which cost a fortune on telephone charges. To learn “HTML-CODE” to make websites was popular and DOS was also still part of Windows which we used. Cracking programs was my interest to make them full versions and share it on the Newsgroups. SoftIce was a popular (illigal) cracking program which we used with some other tools.
    YES – Computers was our new toys to play with. Today we can hardly go without it. HELLO WORLD !!!!

  2. all goes about the Bible dont care what people argue about ..it says in Revelation that at end times things will go bad,, you will have money to buy but there won’t be anything to buy, people wil start killing each other to get food,, look what happened in South Africa,, the government is so rich with all the minerals but people are poor, Cellphones had to be invented, 5G also had to be invented because Bible says that all will see the second coming of the Lord,—how,,, only by cellphones, every eye shall see him


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