1. Mark Woodman talked extensivly on the new world order in his series “God’s final call”. Things are happening quick now, this world’s time is running out.

  2. Has anyone ever noticed that over the past 2 decades or more every British prime minister has had to resign due to some scandal only to be replaced with another prime minister who was not voted or elected only to resign due to some scandal? Think about it. This how these people stay in power replacing one puppet with another puppet. This begs the question who’s pulling the strings?

  3. @ JPvanderWalt:
    Yes time is running out and we are getting to the end. Jesus is coming back very soon.

  4. @ Sunclief:
    Exactly. They are all puppets. Most governments and most world leaders are nothing but puppets of the UN and the New World Order.

  5. @ JohnM84:
    The puppets were carefully selected and appointed within the free mason/illuminati goatgod community and related terrorist organizations.

  6. If one goes further back in history one finds that the Khazarian Jews are descendants of Edom whose forefather was Esau the twin brother of Jacob who became king of ancient Israel. Esau was the first to come out of the womb and traditionally was supposed to be king. He hated Jacob and was eventually kicked out of Israel where he founded Edom. Biblically God despised Edom for they were lofty minded, holier than thou and still are to this day.

  7. Dealing specifically with DNA, linguistic, literary and cultural evidence, there is in all the above fields virtually no tangible indication of Khazar or Zhuzari origins of European Ashkenazim. Indeed, the Y-chromosome specific to Ashkenazim is of middle-eastern origin and not Turkic. The Ashkenazic diaspora from the Holy Land, after the Roman expulsion, crossed through Italy en route to the German lands and not via the Caucasus. They then expanded eastward into Eastern Europe. There is less than 1% Turkic influence on Yiddish, there are no cultural markers of Khazar origin in East European Ashkenazi life and no genetic imput from the Zhazars. I would recommend the presenter speak with someone of authority and credibility such as the current Commonwealth Chief Rabbi, who is very knowledgeable and approachable and South African too, from Benoni, Transvaal, as many of her assertions are flawed.

  8. @ JonathanLondon:
    Ja maar soos hulle in Afrikaans sê, nou nie ‘n goeie storie met die waarheid bederf nie.

  9. @ Dirk Smit:
    Ek is gelukkig om ‘n goeie biblioteek van geskiedenis boeke te besit wat meer as 170 jaar teruggaan, geskrywe in Afrikaans, Nederlands, Duits, Frans en Engels. Die mooie met sulke boeke is dat hulle geskiedenis nie omgeskryf kan word nie. Na ja, elkeen van ons het gereg op sy eie perspektief. Maar, volgens die beste akademiese tradisie moet so’n oogsig in in feite gebaseer wees op gespesifiseerde bronne.

  10. I disagree completely with the assertion made by the presenter that the blood-stained carpet where Dr. H.F Verwoerd fell was kept in place as a ‘warning’ to others of what fate might befall them too should they step out of line. On the contrary, the carpet was left there as a memorial to a man who was a giant in many ways. Yes, a symbol of remembrace and defiance in the face of foes and faux-amis at home and abroad. In short, ‘verset’, Afrikaner defiance against a pernicious and unforgiving world. That is my view and one held by most folk.

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