1. And these 2 pathetic little creeps think for one moment that they have absolute power over me!?
    Over my dead body. They can stick those RT-PCR TESTS right up their asses and get tested right!
    As far as I’m concerned, I’m staying far away from any doctor’s room or testing site to not become another lab specimen.
    No testing! No jab! Thank you!

  2. Cannot trust anything Soros or Gates say. Another dangerous pcr test to rake in the millions. Adding further confusion to the global population of people.

  3. They don’t even care about people knowing the truth of who they are…..makes me sick. We must start getting them prosecuted and put away where they belong.

  4. @ klaaswertmann:
    RABO BANK is a big player here in New Zealand. They have lent heavily to dairy industry here.

  5. Obamacare has changed to Soroscare it seems….With Gates owning the patent rights to the new humanoid dna they will have all say about your body and what happens to it. The initial swab tests took your existing dna and the dna will again be taken after your 4th shot and that will serve to register you in the name of your new owner as slave no 666-ooooo3o3o3o4oo2o2oo etc. and your value is determined whether you are TOTALLY controlled (jab updated) or not and to what value you will have to serve them–doctors who are still alive and humanoided, will be worth a lot and connected to Musk’s neurolinked quantumcomputer AI and cloud and slaves may even serve as blockchains related to the new monetary system. Oral vaccines and waterbourne (graphene based) vaccines will constantly keep an eye(AI )on your performance and your demise and new births will be fully controlled.They will become the collective gods. (The god of agriculture, the god of health, the god of energy, the god of citadels, the god of peace control, the god of media, the god of mind control and evil development, etc….

  6. @ klaaswertmann:
    Im afraid you are absolutely correct . The multinationals own everything and are squeezing out any small competitors in every field possible. I stay in Brabant and have spoken to people in the past about which way things are going and it doesnt sound good at all.

  7. @ Moira0070:
    Unfortunately the whole justice system is part of it too , just like they are with Covid and the pharma firms who have killed hundreds of thousands on their experimental medicines.

  8. Leon Schuster must make a new movie – “Oh, Schucks, I Am Jabbed”
    I will play the role of Bill G. and show the world what utter fool I can be.

    Dear Mr. Gates,
    Please send us some money so we can build houses for
    the million white people in SA who stay in squatter camps.

  9. Talking about cornering the market; these guys are cornering the whole planet. There is a satanic agenda being played off in front of our eyes and not even 100 people on the planet know what it really is and who is behind it. Think in terms of a Spiritual War and you are on the right track.

  10. One day these globalists will be killed like the farmers in South Africa are being killed now.

  11. The geriatric who sold his soul to the Nazi’s and modern day Dr. Kill Mengele. Both are jews waiting their place in hell with Satan.

  12. Those who own and hide behind the 2 financial giants BlackRock and Vanguard which then own everything else, are those in charge. The Kenyan Trojan is one of the owners behind all this.

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