1. Pauline Hanson said ” I am not letting them put this shit inside of me “. I agree totally with her. Scott is correct. Let us remain PUREBLOODS. This is scary stuff when these scientists reveal what they have found in the vaccines. God did not intend our bodies to be infected with this man made crap. What is in the vaccines is not organic.

  2. Remember when the NSW health minister Brad Hazzard said to those thousands of kids ” dont pass up this golden opportunity to get vaxxed” Golden Opportunity to get worms and self assembling nano particles, sharp metal and glass objects and lots of other nasties. Somehow i dont think Hazzards going to take up the golden opportunity, what a scumbag, a scumbag amongst scumbags.

  3. @ TonyNZ:
    Its pretty obvious that this stuff has been rolled out to kill us and at least shorten our lives drastically.

  4. Dear Scott,

    You are NOT an old fart, you are a valuable being and we need you.

    You are old only when to try to fart and end up with a giant skid mark in your underpants.

  5. Hey Scott I bought my first LP in the 60’s for 25cents….The same LP today costs R980…..Pharmaceutical companies have become the nazi gas chambers of the

    world. They peddle death for the greed of money


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