1. I don’t use Google anymore if I can help it. Annoys me no end pushing their narratives in our face.

  2. Scott: Very sorry but couldn’t watch this video of YT I found it offensive and disgusting. I often wonder what God must think of all of us when he looks down upon us.
    “As it was in the time of Noah so it is now!”

  3. @ Sunclief:
    yes I agree, it is getting worse and the churches are playing with it by allowing gay marriages and condoning it

  4. The funny thing is, if you sit and see what kids nowadays like to watch, see as funny and entertaining, is so stupid.
    They pushing so much stupid things into kids minds, even the cartoons and i can name a few of them. I’m a single person and there are times, i say to myself, do i really want to bring a kid into this world, with all the BS going on in the world.

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