1. Seven horns on the beasts head. The 7th small horn shouts the loudest.
    Horns representing principalities and powers.

  2. Scott , you are incorrect if you think you are free of monitoring on this private channel. The whole reason why they are blocking people like you (Loving Life ) on Youtube etc is because the present system of AI used, to censor the Youtube et al , is NOT able to check every one simultaneously . So the whole aim is to get you off Youtube etc so as to monitor you as part of a minority of rebels. Most Youtube is not rebel . Its pop music , CNN , gossip about sport, actors , movies , documentaries etc . So its easier for them to force you to open your own program and as part of a minority ( % wise ) of the daily downloads on the internet , you can be monitored full time because these blogspots are a small % of daily output onto the net and as such are easier to monitor with the present low capacity AI they have. It will change soon as the AI is growing unbelievably fast and the capacity to monitor will shoot up sky high shortly. Please be aware of the above. They know all what you say through AI monitoring but the only diffs is that they dont act on it unless it is triggering warnings to intelligence orgs who will then personally monitor you and act accordingly.


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