1. I feel that the protestors world wide are going to have to overthrow their governments by extreme force as quickly as possible before it is too late and the

    psycopathic leaders declare martial law. If martial law is declared then all is lost

  2. …they use those riots to smear the so called right in the Netherlands. Inner Rotterdam is overrun with Muslims. This is not the first time they have done such things, destroying property. Turks, Moroccans and leftists. They overtake the protests and change them into riots.

  3. Protests dont mean anything .The leaders wont listen . They should be stopped and operations of elimination should be carried out. The time of protesting is over . The leaders are going ahead with their plans even while the protests continue and they need to be liquidated. Small cell operations need to take place , eliminating individuals and groups and if necessary their families too. Enough tens of thousands of us have died already. And many times more will die soon because they have taken the jab(s) . Even the indigenous people who play no part are being hunted down and locked up and forced to take the death jab.
    This is genocide by our own governments and its time to stamp them out to extinction. This is not a fictional episode on TV, this is reality taking place right in front of our eyes.
    The police and army know that they and their families are vulnerable. Nothing stops anyone from liquidating them too. Wake up police men and military members. You cannot be traitors to your own without expecting vengeance of any kind . Those who will carry out these operations do so OUTSIDE any military or other protocols. So dont expect ethics to apply here. You have endangered us as well as yourselves and now we are endangering you. This applies to all politicians participating or having had participated in the past. You have to pay . There is now a price on your head. An eye for an eye , a life for a life. The justice officials must take the same warnings . Their time is also up. Same with most of the medical staff who carry out the death jabs.

    Stop protesting . Make plans and carry them out.


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