1. The “LIKE” button does not work on this video.
    I think the other “world leader”, the Pope’s health should also be annualized if he is still fit for the job.
    He falls asleep when speaking to a crowd on the Vatican Plain and tries to mumble something that nobody can hear or understand.
    I think he is also getting blind because he kissed the Quran instead of the Bible at one stage meeting with some Islam leaders pledging his support for them.

    I will say no more, except that this world is falling apart and the end is in sight.

    ✝✝ Make sure you have enough oil in your lamp. ✝✝

  2. So, what if he is senile? So what if the election was stolen or his son is a drug addict? Nothing will happen. This is the USA, there are laws for some people and none for others.


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