1. 5.5 “Purchaser acknowledges that the Product shall not be serialized”. What is that about?

  2. If Pfizer claims that we must go to the USA to challenge them where they have immunity , then I strongly suggest blowing the shit out of all their buildings and operations in South Africa . Consider that collateral damage . Then if they want to sue , then they should go to the USA judicial services to lay a charge against us in SA . That doesnt really work because the SA police dont have the manpower to follow up and , unless SA signed a one way extradition treaty with the USA , the pharma companies cant do anything about it. Punishment given for mass genocide committed. Reciprocation needed . And likewise to Astrazenaca and a J&J et al. They are murdering us in Africa . If we can moer the local murderers , then even more so the foreign ones who come here in a suit and tie to screw us to death……

  3. That makes sense why Australia has purchased the Pfizer poison then.
    Well done Australia! Well done!
    For turning your back on all your citizens.
    And then you want us to vote for you???

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