1. If this document is accepted it would be good news…..however I ask the question….what next? The evil is still

    out there. We must not let our guard down.

  2. Sies. Skalk is an opportunist. Voetsek to that shit,,,he is totally flawed. Shew- what an egotistical fraud.

  3. Repeal’s all mandates “for now” as the wording in the document states.

    The ease with which regulations can be enacted and then repealed should be a cause of great concern.
    The use of the rtPCR assay for routine diagnostic testing of viral infection is still in use despite the EUA being repealed mid-2021.
    The harm caused by the experimental gene therapy (it’s not a vaccine) has not been covered by the Health statistics nor the State.
    The epidemiological models that were used to justify the lockdowns are dubious.

    Never forget what “they” have done and were prepared to do despite the detrimental impact on our liberty and livelihoods!

  4. I am sorry, no matter what damage control these politicians try to pull, I will never trust them ever! By now we all know that this government only do things if they stand to benefit from it. Their entire track records clearly proves this. This is most likely to try improve their public image in some way, but it most certainly is not because they actually care. They keep saying they are concerned about South African’s health, well then explain the disastrous public government hospitals in South Africa. Which with all the Billion of Dollars they received, not one of these hospitals have in anyway improved. So please don’t ever try to convince me they care about anyone else’s health. The real truth is the push back from the public is growing stronger and stronger, because we stood together and have not and will not back down. It is not any individual efforts that is changing this landscape, that is such and arrogant thing to even suggest. It is a group effort, narcissists do not deserve all the glory. I know for example, that thousands even millions of South African Christians have been praying day and night about this, and we give no one the glory except God Almighty.

    This ANC government can smell their demise on the air like rotting flesh. So they are trying to fix the unfixable. Sorry but the damage is already done for 28 years already, and the people of South Africa are waking up to all their lies, corruption and oppression (even the darkies they have bribed and made promises to and yet never delivered on those promises). Not only do we want you out of government, but behind bars or the end of a rope for treason. Every single one of you corrupt buggers. No excuses! No compromise! You showed no mercy, so why should mercy be shown to every one of you evil buggers? All the way from the top right down to the bottom of your corrupt and evil organisation. Ahhhh, don’t you love the smell of ANC desperation in the air first thing in the morning? Stand strong South Africa, don’t give these criminals a single inch. Don’t let them butter you up. Bring them down, where they belong! Break them so they can never rise up again.

  5. @ Viv:
    The best way to fight back is to take on their nonsense – if they refer to HERD immunity then HERD awakeness to their genocidal scam will scare the sh*t out of them.

  6. Viv, Scott, Schalk merely said that he stopped forced vaccinations. He never said he got the regulations scrapped. Remember, he was fighting for people in the workplace, who were to be forced to take vaccinations or be fired. He was heavily involved with that and really should take credit for that, not what you said, Scott, please listen again to Schalk’s video. Thank you!

    On the dropping of regulations. SA is only now falling in line with the rest of the world. Here in Europe, they dropped it in March this year and the UK was the first, then Denmark and so on…

    Of course, there is a reason why they suddenly dropped this worldwide. We just don’t know exactly why, but it will soon be revealed… Watch this space in time!

  7. the greater azania communist sh8t hole empire . we knew back 30 years ago to the last detail the future of s a .we sat round a table and decided our future move away from the new terrorist state soon to be. think pension day or health care and its not in s a /

  8. @ nielu:
    I agree, Schalk is somewhat egotistical, but he has done a fantastic job concerning employers, employees and vaccines, and that is what he took credit for. He also praised the public who worked against that agenda and supported him. I feel some are very unfair at the way they criticise and attack him. Those that do so, did you do anything as difficult and significant as what he has done. Probably not, just like what I have done, you probably signed petitions, shared information, joined platforms and so on because not all of us are leaders or have the necessary qualifications to make a significant difference like, Schalk, Pearl, Scott and the many others that have done so much for the fight. I appreciate what they have done and certainly don’t have the sour grapes attitude that I suspect some have.

  9. @ nielu:
    Do you know that today is the day that the WHO, (who have been in conference) decide whether to lock down the entire world again because of the so called monkey pox. Be on your guard people, we must fight this scam from the beginning, if it is put into place. We must never bow down to this tyranny, for a moment, ever again.

  10. This ANC government can smell their demise on the air like rotting flesh. So they are trying to fix the unfixable. Sorry but the damage is already done for 28 years already, WE KNEW THIS MORE THAN 37 YEARS AGO..ANC VOTERS STILL CAN NOT SEE THE MAGGOTS


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