1. I wonder if other countries in Europe or even South America have similar programs for educated workers looking to emigrate. Places like Poland or Hungary, Portugal, Argentina, etc., I just mention this as these other countries might have more spots opening up than the countries in the ‘Anglosphere’ and time is of the essence for Whites wishing to leave South Africa

  2. My own ex-husband and his entire family were forced to leave Haiti when a radical black government came to power. Him and his entire family fled to Mexico where they rented a house and he was forced to look for a job w/o speaking the language to help support the family.
    He was 19 at the time.
    Long story shorter, he eve ntually got a job offer in the US where we met and married.
    Sadly he never did make it to college but he and his family lived to see a better future as most of them eventually made it safely to other countries.

  3. Time, however, is of the essence for those who wish to leave. The young who make it out can always send money back for older relatives who cannot make it out and they can regroup in safer areas within South Africa itself. Orania being one example. I am sure there are others…


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