1. MY PET CAT IS CHIPPED AND THE DOGS . JUST IN CASE THEY GET LOST OR STOLEN. usa for some years has said they want dementia patients chipped as well so if found dead or alive they will be identified . many EU passports are chipped so as you enter the airport they know your ID . i have heard now for 5 years many stories about night club members being chipped , swipe of the hand pays for drinks .

  2. For years the chip has slowly been introduced. First ones pets then ones children. Now it seems that enforcement is around the corner. It’s astounding that although we have been warned for two thousand years, there will be masses who will happily accept the mark. How gullible, how stupid. It seems that, to many, a few decades of life are all important and the eternity that lies hereafter means nothing.

  3. @ Shalom7:
    I feel absolutely nothing for Gates, Schwab, Fauci, Rothschild and all other evil entities.

    The chip is an easier, simpler way of financial transaction, but that is not all this chip can do.
    This is a classic case of technology being used for evil, sinister purposes. but many people won’t see it that way.
    This chip will determine whether you can buy or sell.

    There is a huge court case pending where globalists are being sued for 500 trillion dollars and that includes Gates.

  4. I don’t need a digital identity. I am alive and here I am in person. Some people are smoking their own farts!

  5. When people become “things”, we need to realise that we are just also listening to a “thing” that has more greed than anything else at the core of their mindset..

  6. Recently there was some noise coming out about the IRS starting to pay attention to all personal banking transactions over $600. This was part of the recent budget plan in the USA. Its also part of 5 eyes, which are the Christian Nations who share data amongst each other – eg, The US, Canada, UK, NZ & Australia. I initially thought this would not be possible. It would take too much computer time or be too expensive. Guess what, the IRS has passed this reporting requirement off to the banks and credit unions. Its their problem to report their customers. In times past the IRS only paid attention to cash transactions over $5000. This is again about control. Draw some cash out and stash it somewhere in case things get crazier than they are already.

  7. I have been sealed with the Prescious Blood of Jesus Christ my Saviour hallelujah God will provide because He is the forever Provider The King of all Kings

  8. All predicted in revelation,we shall overcome by not loving our lives unto death


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