1. Will we all know it’s coming one way are the other. We will see how it plays out. But No matter how they do it. It wont be fun. Glade I’m old and lived free. And now I’m with God after being brainwashed for years.

  2. I dont trust this source. He makes the public sound too obedient and stupid. In other words , we dont mind being force vaccinated, permanently confined, starved out , stopped from social meetings ( family , friends, business, travel etc. ) , terminate all outside activities and remain locked ( whether at home or in a camp / prison ) and all they tell us we just swallow hook, line and sinker.
    You must not forget that the politicians are out there to screw you , and how do they do it ? They say “trust me”. People have already had enough, and, if it does come to what is said in this cut , then the first people the public will kill are the politicians , followed by the pharma employees and directors , followed by the justice officials who played a part in this genocide by not protecting the public from the aforementioned 2 parties. Concerning the police , I think it is only those who get in the way who will be killed, after all, they are merely the pitbulls of the genocidists .

  3. I think it was April last year that I watched that movie SONGBIRD. Do yourselves a favor and watch it.

    All those people who ridiculed what Ian Dobson was saying a few days ago had better think again and open their minds.

    I am not trying to fear monger anyone, just begging your awareness.


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