1. if 25% of usa died of mers . then housing price would crash. you could go squat around 80 million homes .no owners to evict you .the banks would have serious problems reselling reclaimed homes with a reduced population .

  2. Why do we allow Gates and his gangsters to get away with this. They should ALL be beheaded

  3. @Brainled

    We are all like you , waiting for someone else or another organization to do the job. Its nice and comfortable in front of the keyboard.
    Why risk your skin going to look for Billy Goates or Fauci and then shooting them ? No man , home is where the heart is . I dont know of any assassins and few are trained as such. So who will do the dirty work? No one. And they know that. Thats why they can do as they see fit for their masterplan and kill so many . When things start happening it will be as the Book of Revelations tells us. They know it , we know it and they know that we know it. The only thing that Revelation offers is faith and advises us not to fear. Not where to go or what weapons to use or even to fight back . Its spiritual as well as physical. So keep the faith.

  4. Do they think that covid isn’t working fast enough to get the world population down? I remember a comment that Gates made a while ago about “something worse than covid is coming.” This could be it. However, I just take things a day at a time. Why should I live in fear when God is in control? Gates and his cohorts are psychopathic whack jobs.

  5. I ask myself the question that if they are going to spray the population using drones then how are the evil beings that are doing this going to protect

    themselves as they breathe the same air as us??? Do they have an antidote????

  6. The Execution of Lady Jane Grey. On February 12, 1554, 18-year-old Lady Jane Grey was beheaded after a nine-day reign as Queen of England. House of Tudor (England) Executed (beheaded) c. October 1537 1553 12 February 1554

    King Charles I
    In London, King Charles I was beheaded for treason on January 30, 1649. Charles ascended to the English throne in 1625 following the death of his father, King James I. In the first year of his reign, Charles offended his Protestant subjects by marrying Henrietta Maria, a Catholic French princess.

    The only true English monarch decapitated was King Charles I.
    Queens Anne Boleyn, Mary Queen of Scots and Lady Jane Grey were also beheaded, but they were never monarchs.

    It was the French who introduced ”Madame Guillotine” and beheaded ALL their royalty plus plenty more people! The guillotine would execute anyone who was believed to stand against the principles of the French revolution. Joseph Guillotine had no idea his invention would become known as the national razor of France for how frequently it was used.


  7. The health ranger? I watched him state on infowars.com that millions would die from COVID in 2020 ROFLMAO !!!

  8. @ TonyNZ:
    Alex Jones believes south africa under Verwoerd was a criminal regime. Total Gaslighting.

  9. @ Jaguar:
    I suspect they will target antivaxx rallies in cities and then blame the unvaxxed for causing new variants etc ….

  10. They will try to get their bioweapons into us. They will force us to take the vaccine. The bioweapon is the jab. The super mers bioweapon is the next level where they want to get humanity at. The bioweapon is working with a fatality rate of over 30%. More than 30% of the people will die feom the vaccines. The coronaviruses that Dr Fauci is with are the bioweapon vaccines that they are using to kill millions of people. Masks are causing infections inside the lungs. The ventilators are killing people. The vaccine is a bioweapon tha will kill over 30% of people. They want us all to take their bioweapons. They will use force. We have to fight back. Be free and start removing all sorts of tyranny in your neighbourhood. Take control of your area. Drive out these agents that are promoting this tyranny. The new world order is not welcomed here in your neighbourhood. Fight the tyranny and resist all evil.


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