1. They might have been trained how to start a fire and not how to set it out.

  2. Started laughing before I even saw the video… at you Scott😂😂
    Unbelievable!! And they still took them overseas to fight forest fires!!🤯🤯


  3. Thank goodness it wasn’t my car 😅 LoL. Totally useless, who can blame us for laughing? A total disaster.

  4. How to replace your old piece of junk with a new one in ten easy steps.
    1. Stop vehicle in middle of road.
    2.Pour 1 litre of petrol over front passenger seat and carpet
    3.Add contents of about 3 litres of brandy to petrol.
    4.Exit vehicle (very important)
    5.Throw lighted match into vehicle, step back(important) to avoid
    whoomph that will follow ignition of brandy and petrol fumes.
    6.Phone fire brigade, no need to dial wrong number or confuse brigade with wrong address, the delay will come as you wait for someone to answer the call at the fire station phone.
    7.smile smugly when fire engine arrives, noting there are no whites in the team.(since introduction of BEE and affirmative action, whites no longer get any jobs)
    8.Watch with satisfaction as team tries to reach burning vehicle with hose that is to short. Note the growing panic and how the hose gets shorter and shorter.
    9.Wait while vehicle burns out to shell, submit claim to insurance co.
    10.Collect claim money six weeks later, leave claims assessor 10% as a thank you for her friendly , co operative, conscientious and speed handling of your claim.

    Buy new vehicle reminding your self to remember servicing it as the manufacturers recommend.

  5. lucky it was they took the nuclear weapons away from south africa before that terrorist became a president .imagine anc with such weapons arsenal . they cant even repair army trucks .

  6. HEY welcome to aframerica coming to a theater near you.( in the US). blacks are that good here only they won’t show it because of politcal correctness. but then again they do pay minorities here to fornicate??? hmmm

  7. Yes, it’s funny. 🤣
    But did nobody notice it says BOMBEIROS on the fire truck, which is in another country, not in South Africa. 🤔


    We don’t drive on the RH side of the road.
    We don’t have 3 digit telephone numbers.

    I would have used a powder extinguisher.

  9. Stay tuned – you don’t want to miss Part 2

    You will wet yourselves.

    And then there is Part 3 where the fire brigade truck caught fire ……..!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Say no more
    You can’t make up this sh@t

    News Flash !!!!!!! Part 2 and Part 3 were banned from public view.

    Oh, Well !!!! Such are the days of our lives.

    You can’t win them all.

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