1. The Suidlanders have for many many years now been telling people to prep, now when this happens, they want to do panic shopping, and they are not allowed. My suggestion to people is when things return more or less to normal, PREP, or take the consequences.

  2. this is America “101” coming soon to a town near you. SCARY AS HELL OR IS IT HELL ITSELF? Lord help us Amen

  3. Very sad to see how bad things are, the ongoing situation in our beautiful South Africa, Lootings, killings, destroying, burnings and so on, when will this distruction stop!. Cry our beloved South Africa and Zimbabwe, So please God help us, You the only way the only answer, As whole the world needs peace and good health.

  4. What does The Bible say ?

    First Thessalonians chapter 5 reiterates that the rapture will occur quickly, catching the unbelieving world unprepared. In contrast, Paul presents faithful Christians as those who are aware and ready for this event. This passage uses the contrast of day versus night to highlight those differences. Paul also completes his letter by offering various practical instructions. These include the need to be peaceful, hardworking, and forgiving. He also commends constant prayer and an attitude of joyfulness, before closing his letter with a command for this letter to be read aloud.

  5. @ L. Maritz: I need to mention the name of Isak van Zyl here. There are aspects of his movement and vision that I agree with but recently he also mocked the efforts of the Suidlanders. I honestly do not care much more for this man and we do not need this division, especially with our current situation.

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