1. Australia is now getting more lawless and tyrannical than North Korea, for ATAGI to be advocating for the injecting of medical patients on the sly, without an iota of informed consent is a complete outrage. The Aust Govt need to immediately sack all the ATAGI board members, unless of course they agree with the board members in which case the Govt needs to be forced out of office by a mass insurrection of the Australian public.

  2. @ Kerri Armstrong:
    Amen Kerri.

    I agree it seems to be a ploy to gain more votes. I am sure so many Queenslanders have had it up to their ears with all the draconian measures. I certainly hope that justice will be served and the powers that be are held accountable. This just seems to be like classic damage control to get more votes. A shame indeed.

    God bless my precious sister.

  3. Elections are getting close.
    Now they release it after they have murdered thousands of people.

  4. They are trying to do the same thing in South Africa using this health amendment. We have to stop them by any means

  5. @ Kerri Armstrong:
    Paul Kelly is a musician from Melbourne. He sings Scott’s favourite song “From little things big things grow “.

  6. @ Kerri Armstrong:
    Looks like a slip of the tongue. One can easily get names mixed up. It happens to us old farts all the time. I hope Paul Kelly is not offended.

  7. Kerri Armstrong wrote:

    This is a very deceptive trick/strategy only to gain more votes to remain in power to have more power over the unenlightened masses who have been brainwashed by MSM newsbroadcasts.
    What a shame!
    This world is speeding to its end and only God Almighty is able to save us from eternal destruction!


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