1. You need to watch 00Dezz videos, they’ve joined forces and supporting Zuma as being the better of the criminal bunch unlike Ramaphosa following NWO blindly
    I was also shocked but it’s beginning to make sense. They are all declaring Ramaphosas Govt illegal. I think this is the start of a joint coup

  2. While corrupt Hippo eyes and Zoomer fight Ace Magashule or whatever his name is will step in and take over in a Military Coupe. ACE will ACE it no pun intended. That is when the final nail will get nailed is SA’s coffin. Get outa there. Wake up.

  3. Never forget this kind of singing that incited the murder of farmers years ago.
    00Dezz is in there with them. Unbelievable.

  4. This is more than just confusing. I’m trying to make sense of it all. Zuma definitely gave the NWO the middle finger. A lot of money was paid for Rama (NWO puppet) to win the election as ANC president & by default president of the country. OODEZZ was in counter-intelligence, so I think there are a lot of things that he knows that we are not yet aware of. As for Debbie Els, well i really don’t know about that one. I’m playing devil’s advocate here. The political landscape in any country can change in a flash. Something BIG is going down & i’m not sure what. I’m with a group of ladies doing self-defence classes & some of them are affiliated with the Boere Legioen. We have a meeting this afternoon about this whole mess. I’m going to go to this meeting to find out what information is available that we might not be aware of. Not everything is as it seems sometimes & i’ve learned in the last year to reserve judgement until I have all the facts. Whatever is going to go down this weekend, it’s going to change a lot of things in this country.

  5. I worked for many years around 40 years on the gold mines in SA and in the middle 90s was a union rep for the electrical union on one of the mines in Welkom, believe me, white people cannot stand together, stab each other in the back and worst of all was the mineworkers union which became today’s solidarity then all of the artisans who previously were at electrical union ran overnight back to the other union, when salary increases came and we wanted to strike they were all fro it but as soon as i told them to sign the strike ballot paper they all refused coming out with all excises one can think of, —-as soon as thy lost their majority rule on the mines they ran to court to enforce an old law, Afrikaans men were the worst, could never stand together and always belittled us few English speaking guys, so this here is no or nothing new,

  6. @ Gerda Williams:
    if I was allowed to say what I could I would reply to your message but I will even be banned here on loving life about what is really going on in SA and always did go wrong in the country,,, just go look back in history, from that Jan van Riebeeck landed in the Cape it was a very big mistake and until today it is,black tribes were then already and even long before that were fighting against each other now all of a sudden today they call it ubuntu, we are one,, ag please,,, only to degrade the white people,

  7. DE is posing with JZ for self-interest so as to increase their number of their followers. This will back-fire on both.

  8. I’m also shocked about Des Bernardo aka ODEZZ. Lost any respect I had for the man. And that includes you Debby Els. Absutely shocking.

  9. South Africa is at the cross roads and all to blame on the nwo communist drive with their virus and vaccines. We will have to choose , to get rid of this nwo threat now realized by the majority of the 7 billion earth inhabitants as a way to depopulate earth, or to succumb to the communist nwo. Ramaphosa has sided with the nwo and the Zulu and Swazi kingdoms are fighting them. The land grab by the nwo is actually behind our farmers’ plight also and they want to dissolve the kingdoms as to be able to throw the mineral rich land into a pool of ‘democratic’ land, owned by individuals and then the Gates gang will simply buy out all the property for control by the nwo. Gates is already the biggest landowner in the USA and once the land is in his pocket here, democracy will be thrown out as they take control of all and we will be part of the new communist world. Maybe the Zuma event will clear the road for a new Non Communist dispensation in SA, but with a difficult road ahead to get rid of corruption also, if at all possible?.

  10. I don’t see many of you even know what’s actually going on in South Africa
    You need to see the bigger picture !!

  11. Ooooo, if people say that 00DEZZ and Debbie Els and people like that have turned this far away from sanity, you must know how farked they really are.

    If that is their attitude, they are basically baying for making this country ungovernable, and leaning totally towards the wrong pole… of Socialism, Communism and total, total destruction of the little which is left of South Africa.

    THIS might be leading to the dreaded Civil War we have all been dreading.

    Must say, I have ALWAYS distrusted Debbie Els and even more so this 00DEZZ (Dez Bernardo) fool of #Directelections infamy!

  12. It is all about the money se receives for running her NPO/NGO. This woman is not to be trusted.

  13. @ Isak Nel:
    Indien DE Neil de Beer se suster is, dan is die tweegatjakkalsheid in hulle gene.

  14. @ Gemini:
    Agree..its not support it is getting info..Debbie and OODEZZ has a plan. @ MikeB:

  15. Watch last night`s video of OODEZ. He believes Zuma is innocent and was fighting The N.W.O. Please listen to his speech.

  16. Please stop this, Debbie is trying so hard to help South Africa, she needs our support, get your facts first before throwing someone under the bus!!

  17. Marlena de Villiers wrote:

    It is all about the money se receives for running her NPO/NGO. This woman is not to be trusted.

    @ Marlena de Villiers:
    Please get your facts first, before accusing someone that is only trying to help our country!

  18. well folks the only road to sanity and success in south africa .is the road over the border where anc terror racism laws end………only a snake can make a snake .not long now maybe by December millions with no jobs or food and have realised they have no future are going to burn loot and kill of a mega proportion . the cops are going to be hiding away. its time the first world countries made the sanctions in s a . its also high time the brics countries catch a wake up and kick anc rsa out of brics .azania must be destroyed and a much need since 1988 5th province created .


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