1. only in God we can trust and you will receive everlasting life,, put your trust in man and surely you will die

  2. The law can be tricky. If it can be proven that all is a scam around this virus/pandemic, then maybe any protection granted by governments to these scammers, will be null and void and if the governments did not disclose the risks and contracts with these scammers, then the persons who signed the contracts are liable and to protect human rights according to our constitution, the courts may grant full compensation to victims to be paid by the vaccine companies. The problem for us will be to have honest judges NOT bribed by the vaccine companies to sabotage the legal system, as seems to have been tried with chief justice MogoengMogoeng. Governments can play dirty if they see that things are turning against their scam and they can start a civil war and get Martial Law and then get their friends the UN to take over and change the laws in any case as they planned for their nwo.


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