1. that smurk on his face the same as gates. its evil they arent aware that we can see all the shit they talking….fuck you gates and dr death

  2. the USA say in God we trust— they should change it to— in man we trust

  3. Gates ,Fauci and others are laughing at the stupid sheep, smirking and laughing at how trusting and gullible people are. The politicians must know, the medical people must know, but they dont care about us, we are expendable .

  4. In a few years time fauci gates etc will have to seriously up their security if they want to live out their lives.

  5. @Forest Man, they are so old, don’t think time is on their side anyway.

  6. I’m sorry, but he’s talking the bigest load of 💩💩 under the sun. I wish somebody would wipe that disgusting 🥺🤮 smurc off his sick face.

  7. The eyes are lifeless! Only evil can turn a people’s eyes like that

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