1. ” Dynamic movement” ? The ANC is a dynamic movement is it. I suppose thats why all the state corporations are bankrupt just as the municipalities except the WC , the federal govt is totally broke but the ANC elite are swimming in money, Roads, water , sewerage, power, are now 3rd world and the health sector is in a sorry state, people go to hospital to get no treatment and the black nurses are bitches to their white patients. Racism and discrimination are the order of the day in the new SA where idiots like Malema are free to malign any non-black in SA. No the ANC is not a dynamic movement but a corrupt dysfunctional organisation managed and led by greedy,morally bankrupt, incompetent and narcississtic idiots.

  2. Yes Shane, dynamic movement for them means dynamic movement of funds belonging to other, to accounts belonging to them.

  3. The president of SA A Rupert, hasn’t written a good set of replies yet for all the possible questions. Don’t blame this man , he is just acting puppet number 2 and he will be told eventually what to say.

  4. We can’t blame the looters for their actions, they just follow the lead but they are not so sophisticated in their approach as the main cadre.

  5. He constantly talks about his Kom-Reds ( komunist Reds ) . Not surprising since they want that system in place asap. Something tells me they are achieving it with their people destroying so much capitalist structures and businesses. And they dont even think where the next meal will come from after its all burnt down and pillaged. They cant eat a fridge.
    That guy is also a liar. Mandela was NOT on Robben Island for 27 years. He lived at least 14 years in luxury in his own home with a white chef at Victor Verstel prison.

  6. I made a promise today to myself that I will not sin because I am angry and start swearing out of frustration about everything that is going on. As a BOER and Afrikaans speaking, I know quite a chain of very rude and nasty words. I ask God to put a guard in front of my mouth and the Holy Spirit to direct my thoughts to the things above and not on earth and to keep my eyes focus on Jesus Christ (what He would have done).
    There are, however, a few things that I have noticed that I want to share before I put my head in the sand like a volstruis. Firstly this guy is a peophol. He speaks with a communist mindset based on his and his cadre’s agenda. I forgot the rest – I might recall it later on another video.

    and you say we must preach to them,,, in what world are you living in,,

  8. Well South Africa achieved one distinction yesterday. Idiots burning down a shopping center made the fire so big that it could be seen from space.

    Pictures are or will be available online shortly for this historic event in SA history…😥😥😥


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