Sutherland – The Coldest Place in South Africa

    Sutherland, a little one-horse town in the Great Karoo. It is known to experience the coldest temperatures in South Africa due to its high altitude (1550m ASL) and its open clear skies and in winter one can experience -20 degrees Celsius and lots of snow and ice. It is also known as the “Gateway to the Universe” and is the home to the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere, with a hexagonal mirror stretching 11 meters across. SALT (Southern African Large Telescope) is where astronomers from all over the world come to study our universe. Gathering more than 25 times as much light as any existing African telescope, SALT can detect objects as faint as a candle flame on the moon.

    Please check the link above for more information and the beautiful landscape around that area.

    Stay warm and please pray for those people in the white squatter camps and all those in need of food and especially blankets around South Africa. If you can help in any way, please do so – there are many groups who are reaching out to them and are of great help to the needy. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  2. On a newsclip last night I saw a woman mixing a huge pot of pap on a piece of open ground during the day. The wind was bitingly cold and she had to erect a makeshift fence with black bags to try and shelter herself from the cold. In one of the squatter camps people were using abandoned planks for fuel in a drum to keep warm. My heart bleeds for those people. I wish that I could offer some kind of assistance, but my being a pensioner is limiting me. Only God’s Kingdom can change everyone’s unfortunate circumstances. Pray for it to come soon.

    Thank you for the link. “During the day the observatory is obviously not in use and can be visited but at night no visitors are allowed, as international astronomers are hard at work gathering scientific information about our universe.” At night it is off limits and highly classified! They wouldn’t want the public to see the truth what the stars and planets really look like. All the large telescopes in the world are controlled by NASA and the Vatican. The pretty pictures we get are all CGI. I asked one of the Profs at SALT why there are no photos of any of the planets taken from SALT and his reply was that they are too bright and will saturate the CCD. LOL none of the planets including our moon make their own light, they supposedly reflect the light from the sun so how can they be so bright?

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